No ImageChinese Almond Cookies

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  1. Diana

    Thanks Garrett! I hate fortune cookies, and I haven’t found an almond cookie at any Chinese restaurant in decades.

  2. Barbara

    They were kind of bland and tasted like they were missing something. Maybe a little cinnamon, coconut extract, or something. I will try the recipe again and try to figure out what is missing.


  3. Zipporah

    Love the idea of a not stale Chinese almond cookie! I followed a couple of the suggestions in the comments and these got approval from the whole family! Hopefully my book club will think they’re the perfect finish to my Asian themed dinner tomorrow evening.


  4. Cindy

    I made these gluten and sugar free. The changes are the same amount of gluten free flour blend ( I use Krusteez) instead of wheat flour, add an egg in the batter. Change baking soda to 1and 1/4 teaspoons, add in 2 shakes of cream of tartar. For the sugar, I subbed half erythritol and half monk fruit granules. Did them as a cut and bake by refrigerating dough as a log overnight. They don’t spread like the original. Perfect blend of chewy and crumbly…awesome!


  5. Tiffany J


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