No ImageBacon-Wrapped Shrimp

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  1. Penny

    After following the recipe, including brining the shrimp, pre-cooking the bacon for two minutes, marinating, then baking the shrimp for 5 minutes, the shrimp were cooked but the bacon was still very undercooked. Most guests removed the bacon before eating the shrimp. I removed the bacon from the leftovers and cooked it separately. I did broil half the recipe for another minute but still no browned bacon. Maybe this is just better grilled.


  2. Ricardo

    I made this but used different sauce. After the brine, I mixed soy sauce, lime juice and Thai chili garlic sauce and put the shrimp in it for about 15 minutes before wrapping with bacon and skewering. I used some of the marinade to baste and I cooked under the broiler and then oven at 550 F

  3. April Thomas

    You can also use a simple bbq sauce on the outside and add some chestnuts along side the shrimp. They are definitely yummy.. I made some for a wedding reception. They were a hit and we couldn’t make enough.

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  4. maurice

    Make this a lot… another idea i use is the brush the shrimp and bacon with jamaican jerk marinade or sauce, its spicy and wonderful, our family loves them

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  5. rose

    These were great. The spice is light enough for those who don’t like heat and surprisingly the citrus goes with the bacon! will definitely make these again. Thanks Elise!


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