No ImageBacon-Wrapped Shrimp

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  1. Penny

    After following the recipe, including brining the shrimp, pre-cooking the bacon for two minutes, marinating, then baking the shrimp for 5 minutes, the shrimp were cooked but the bacon was still very undercooked. Most guests removed the bacon before eating the shrimp. I removed the bacon from the leftovers and cooked it separately. I did broil half the recipe for another minute but still no browned bacon. Maybe this is just better grilled.


  2. Ricardo

    I made this but used different sauce. After the brine, I mixed soy sauce, lime juice and Thai chili garlic sauce and put the shrimp in it for about 15 minutes before wrapping with bacon and skewering. I used some of the marinade to baste and I cooked under the broiler and then oven at 550 F

  3. April Thomas

    You can also use a simple bbq sauce on the outside and add some chestnuts along side the shrimp. They are definitely yummy.. I made some for a wedding reception. They were a hit and we couldn’t make enough.

    • Lillianne

      What a blessing for a low carb diet.

  4. maurice

    Make this a lot… another idea i use is the brush the shrimp and bacon with jamaican jerk marinade or sauce, its spicy and wonderful, our family loves them

    • Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

      Love that idea. Bacon makes the world go round. I have to admit, we have it with almost every meal to some extent, How can you not? These look like the perfect wedding appetizer. What a better way to start your lives together?

  5. rose

    These were great. The spice is light enough for those who don’t like heat and surprisingly the citrus goes with the bacon! will definitely make these again. Thanks Elise!


  6. SAS

    Oh. My. God. These little suckers were so tasty, they never made it to the plate. They came right off the skewers and went straight into my mouth. It’s a night here – we’re having ceasar salad, the bacon-wrapped shrimp, and perfect guacamole – all recipes from your web site! Yum. And thank you!!


  7. will

    Lovely starter. Very simple to assemble although I did find it a little tricky to get the bacon to crisp in the oven without over cooking. Nevertheless they all went in a flash!!


  8. Randi Lynne

    You’ve outdone yourself! The chipotle-lime seasoning along with the bacon made for some of the BEST shrimp I’ve ever had! The best part was I made it on my grill and didn’t pay an outrageous price at a restaurant. Thanks for this lovely recipe!! I followed it up with your banana bread recipe for dessert. It was delicious as well.


  9. Scot

    I saw someone mentioned adding cheeses – I do something similar. Open a slit in the shrimp (larger shrimp help, obviously) and stuff with a “matchstick” of jalapeno and either cheddar or jack cheese. I serve them with homemade guacamole for dipping. Again, bigger shrimp are better not only to ease the stuffing but so there is more shrimp to play with the other flavors.

  10. snhip

    Tried it once and the bacon completely killed the taste of the shrimp – it might as well have not been there at all. If you love the taste of bacon, this is for you, if you love the taste of shrimp, look elsewhere.

  11. Salina

    My family does this recipe a lot but we use the maple bacon gives it a way better flavor and to make it simple about the sauce we use cocktail sauce. The best shrimp in the world.

  12. Meghan

    Could you use chili powder instead of chipolte powder?

    • Elise Bauer

      Sure! Chipotle powder just gives it a more smoky taste, but you can get that from the grill if you are grilling.

  13. Stacia

    Wow! I just had these for our New Year’s Eve appetizer dinner and they were a huge hit. Absolutely adored them. My husband ended up dunking one in ranch dressing accidentally and reported it was delicious, but I probably wouldn’t serve it with ranch deliberately.

  14. Meredith

    I’ve made something similiar wrapping the shrimp and a slice of jalapeno pepper with bacon. Broil or barbeque and then coat with your favorite sweet barbeque sauce. Yum!

  15. Julie

    This is the best shrimp! So easy to make and what a hit with a crowd. I made as an appetizer for my daughter’s b-day party w/family and friends. I made 70 of these and there were no leftovers, incredible taste and definitely a keeper!


  16. John Murray

    Mmmmmmm – had some “bland food Aussies” for dinner so used a little Malaysian curry powder instead of chipotle. Combined starter with red snapper ceviche. Great hit! Going to try some goat’s cheese with it as suggested (by ginger, I think) – my mouth is watering……..

  17. Jess

    These are fantastic, and they come together fairly easily! I made a big batch for an Oscar party last night and took them to a group of 75% total strangers who immediately took a liking to me because, as one person put it, “You brought bacon. You win.” It didn’t hurt that they were seriously delicious, too. :)


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