No ImageChipotle Meatballs

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  1. Wendy

    I’ve made them several times and they never disappoint. Wonderful recipe! Thank you for sharing!


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  2. Bree

    Oh these are so yummy! I’ve made them on several occasions, also froze them, and they always turn out very delicious. My husband can’t handle spicy food all that well, so I only put in about 1/4 to 1/2 a chipotle pepper and that seems to be just enough to get the flavour but not so spicy that he’s in pain for a few days… I usually make my meatballs smaller sized (more sauce coats them this way!). I’ve been using diced fire roasted tomatoes (the only fire roasted kind I can find in my area are diced). I’ve attempted running the tomatoes through my blender a couple times, but I actually like the texture of the diced tomatoes better.

    Question, Elise: Do you know how long the chipotle peppers in adobo would last in the fridge? Seeing as we don’t actually use many in this recipe, there’s quite a few left from the tin that I don’t really want to throw away.


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  3. Jenny

    Elise, you never disappoint with your recipes. I made this dish last night using the adobe sauce and 1 adobe pepper, the spice was just right. I served with tortillas, sour cream and white rice. Very simple and flavorful dish. I am making cashew chicken tomorrow and I can’t wait. Thank you again for your wonderful recipes.

  4. Trish Percy

    We made this tonight, it was delicious. I had never used chipotle powder before so only put in 1 tsp, next time I’ll put the two in. Used two chipotle chillis in the sauce but could have stood three. We had it with Mexican rice. I think using my homemade chicken stock in the sauce added to the flavour as well, rather than bought stock.

  5. Diego


    I was born and raised in Mexico city, living in Switzerland at the moment and this is what my mexico blues needed. Whenever i end up making meatballs, i make the traditional “Albondigas” meatball soup. But today, i found your recipe and it hit my “Mexican food” crave back in to place. I had also just chipotles brought by my mom from Mexico city so it was meant to be. It was Delicious!!!!! Thank you!

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