No ImageChocolate Bundt Cake

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  1. Dennis

    This is a similar recipe to one I used many years ago and have since misplaced, so it was nice to find this. It was a delicious cake, so looking forward to trying it again.

    The recipe I made years ago called for the addition of raspberry in the batter. Basically, you thawed frozen raspberries then forced them through a sieve to remove the seeds. You would then add half the batter to the pan, add the raspberry puree (running a knife through it to spread it around), then add the remaining batter and bake. The combination of raspberries and chocolate is delicious.

    I don’t know though if that addition will affect the baking time or not. My general sense is that it won’t, but would love to hear what you think, and if you’ve ever done something similar before.

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  2. Joy

    Hi Elise, how long does this cake keep? Can I bake it 2-3 days ahead?

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  3. Skippy

    This looks beautiful, and, well, I just got my first bundt pan. Did you ever try mixing anything in? I was wondering about pomegranate seeds, maybe just to add some brightness. Or maybe that’s just too many flavors, maybe a clash with the coffee and bourbon…? Thanks–

  4. ellen

    Have you tried ‘pan goo’? equal volumes (cups) of trex or Crisco, vegetable oil and flour. you whiz it in the food processor or blender until smooth, and then brush it on.
    I sometimes have problems with sticking too, even with wonderful nordic ware bundt pans. but using pan goo PLUS on top of that, spraying wilton’s non-stick spray, PLUS leaving the cake in for 15 minutes, plus banging it gently on the counter after 15 minutes, holding it at about a 70 degree angle and turning it round, usually does the trick. I did not have a problem with this particular cake and I used the same pan as Elise, which isn’t the most non-stick nordic ware type there is. I’ve made it twice now. I agree it is such a fabulous recipe it’s definitely worth making even if it does stick! in fact I think I’ll try my hand today, using the Nordic ware Christmas fir trees one!

  5. Susan Flynn

    Hi Elise –
    Happy Holidays! Question/Help – I have made this Chocolate Bundt Cake Recipe four times in my non-stick nordicware bundt pan and it never unmolds cleanly. Always sticks. First time I did the butter with cocoa powder. Second time I used less butter then cocoa powder. Third time I used non-stick cooking spray. Fourth time I didn’t use any butter or spray. No luck. I’m a culinary school grad (Le Grand Diplome from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris) so I’m no slouch in the kitchen. Any ideas what I should do? The flavor and crumb of this cake are wonderful so I really want to get this recipe to work!

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