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  1. Mar jane

    I found this recipe and it sounds delicious. I was wondering if Crisco shortening can be substituted for the butter?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Mar Jane! We haven’t tested it with anything except for butter and I fear the flavor would suffer using Crisco. This said, I do think Crisco would work ok if that’s all you have and you’re desperate for cookies!

  2. Nandini Karmarkar

    Made these tonight with my daughter. She has a test tomorrow and she has really studied throughout the day. She loves to cook and this was a great break and treat all in one. They turned out absolutely delicious! The only change I would make is add less sugar. Found them a bit too sweet. Sending them to school tomorrow for her friends.

  3. Holly

    I have been frustrated with the Tollhouse recipe for YEARS at my altitude (4500′) – they tasted great but were always flat. These modifications to that recipe were EXACTLY what I needed! I made the dough [late] last night, scooped them into balls and refrigerated it that way overnight. Baked them this morning and they were perfect (and a big hit at work)! This is my new go-to recipe for traditional chocolate chip cookies and I doubt I will ever need another. Thank you!


  4. Sondra

    I didn’t really taste a difference between these and the Tollhouse recipe. They were good.

  5. Cam

    This recipe went over very well here! Made this today and everyone I served them to said they were wonderful, even though they usually prefer soft cookies. The only change I made was using Heath toffee bits instead of chocolate chips because those were all I had and I didn’t feel like going to the store. My family actually liked them just as well with the toffee chips instead, but i definitely will try it with regular chocolate sometime. Thank you!

  6. shawn

    I have always added some oatmeal and a chocolate bar – well blended into a chocolatey powder. Next time I will have to try a bit of powdered milk.

  7. Laura

    Delicious! Tip: Scoop cookies in to balls first and THEN refrigerate. Dough is significantly easier to handle and chills much faster.

  8. Chris

    There look really good! If the cookies lose their crispness, I’m okay with that as I like my cookies soft.

  9. Emma Christensen

    Thanks, Paige! Please let me know how you like them!

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