No ImageChocolate Chip Cookies

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  1. JC

    These were delicious! I didn’t have milk powder, so skipped that step and couldn’t notice a difference (I made these previously in a Sur La Table class). I didn’t have any semi sweet chocolate chips either, so I used 1/2 milk choc and 1/2 53% dark choc. Loved the mix! Took these cookies over for Christmas gathering, along with another kind, and these were scarfed up! Great tip about refrigerating the dough; hadn’t heard of that before. Fabulous.


  2. Michelle.

    these are little gems :) the milk powder really makes the difference. i took the tip of another baker and scooped the dough before refrigerating, much easier to handle. also, these freeze beautifully and if you’re anything like me, they taste beautiful frozen as well ;)


  3. Candy

    The original recipe from the Toll House Chocolate Chips package back in the 60’s called for 1/2 shortening and 1/2 butter. I remember because I was learning to measure and asked my mom why we couldn’t just use 1 stick of butter. Of course, when I grew up I did make the cookies with all butter – the cookies were softer, spread out more. With the shortening /butter mixture – the cookies are a little crispier and have a rounder edge. I did not realize the recipe had changed on the package until I let my daughters make the cookies using the package recipe – cookies were good, but not the “same” as the ones I had made all of their lives.

  4. Katarina

    I got soo much positive feedbacks for those cookies! thanks a lot! however, I put much less sugar and it was good decision!


  5. Joshah

    To really send your chocolate chip cookies over the top…. Try Browning your butter first. It ads an amazing deep richness that will set them apart.

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