No ImageChocolate Crinkles

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  1. Lilibeth

    I made variations..first batch i cooked in 350 degress for 12 min became tough…so i tried doing it for 10 min at 325 degrees…it’s soft but still not satisfied with the taste, they are not sweet at all. So for the 3rd try i did 350 degrees for 9 min this time and added choco chips while forming the balls but still don’t like that it still looks dry..maybe i’ll try 325 for 9 min next time…or just like other comments here maybe use less egg to make it less cakey…it’s my first time baking dough came out’s just that when i bake’s not exactly what i imagined it to be..i want it to be moist amd really i’ll try other people’s variations.


  2. mona

    taste is just right, not so sweet


  3. C. Paquette

    Great recipe! I chilled the dough for 1 hour and it set well! Added instant coffee instead of espresso powder and mixed the icing sugar with some cinnamon. Delicious!


  4. Terry

    They were great !! They were chewy and not too sweet.


  5. Dana Puckett

    I’ve made these for the past three Christmas’ and they just seem to get better each and every time! It’s like a cake brownie bite that just melts in your mouth! Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!


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