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  1. Patricia

    The coffee, is it power or liquid. I am not a mind reader.

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  2. [email protected]

    Amazing! I have better sweet, so I mixed semi sweet and unsweetened. I also added a little extra espresso holy moly what a recipe!


  3. Daryl

    Love it. I make a quadruple batch every month or so and share with neighbors. They love it and if it has been too long they ask when the next batch is coming.


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  4. Diane

    I just made your mousse recipe. I got mixed up on adding the whipped cream and the beaten egg whites. I folded the whipped cream into the beaten egg whites….then folded all into the chocolate mixture. I realize now that’s not what you advised. However, I think it turned out amazing and I don’t think we are going to wait the 8 hours to eat it!! Thank you!

  5. Mike

    Thanks for sharing this recipe – the flavors are great.

    However, I feel there needs to be a bit more detail in regards to the most critical steps of the recipe – that is – when the chocolate mixture is removed from heat so that it can cool down so it is “cool to the touch” so that egg yolks can be added. This is the “make or break step” of the entire recipe and not enough detail is provided.

    I have made chocolate mousse many times and struggle with this step. Add the yolks too early and they will cook, too late, and the chocolate mixture cools and sets up too early yielding a non-homogenous mousse mixture with little brown chocolate flecks in the mousse. Still tastes good, mind you, but lacks the desired silky consistency.

    Thus, more detailed instruction/tips would be helpful for this part of the recipe.

    Simply saying to wait for the chocolate to be “cool to the touch” is too vague in my opinion. Would be nice to have more specifics. . . is the time off the heat 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes??? Better yet, is there a temperature range I can aim for so that I can use a thermometer and be more accurate?

    There are a lot of variables that can influence this process so knowing what temperature range to allow the chocolate to cool to would be very helpful.

    Aside from the desire for greater detail in the recipe instructions, the flavors are great. The coffee does boost the intensity of the chocolate flavor. However, mousse is great without it as well. . .just personal preference.

    Thanks again for sharing!


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