No ImageChocolate Zucchini Cake

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  1. Mary

    I made it in a 9×13″ pan, it was very dry.Not too happy, have made many choc zuke cake recipes and never had it this dry. Could it have anything to do with baking it in a glass pyrex pan?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Mary! Emma here, managing editor. I think the likely culprit here was baking it in the 9×13 pan, which holds a larger volume than most bundt pans. This creates more surface area and a thinner cake, both of which result in a cake that bakes much more quickly. It might be possible to bake this in a 9×13 pan, but you’d definitely need to adjust the baking time. I’d recommend starting to check it after a half hour or so. Good luck!

  2. Ines

    Hey guys! Haven‘t tried this cake yet but i have 2 questions- is it possible to add more chocolate? Or would you say it’s not necessary? (I really love chocolate) :D
    And is it possible to use powdered sugar instead? :)

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Ines, to increase the chocolate-ness of this cake, I recommend adding a half cup to a cup of chocolate chips to the batter. As for using powdered sugar instead of regular sugar in the cake batter, I do not recommend it.

  3. Yasmin Stonebanks

    Dana Gerstlauer, you mention that you have a gluten free version of the chocolate zucchini cake, would you like to share that with me Please. Cheers Yasmin Stonebanks

  4. Cindy Phipps

    This recipe is excellent as is but I also added a handful of melted semi-sweet & milk chocolate chips. I also substituted orange extract for one of the teaspoons of vanilla. I’ve made this cake several times ; it’s my favorite! You wouldn’t even know that it contains zucchini

  5. Charlotte

    This is my second time to enjoy this delicious cake. One of my very treasured “finds”. I bake it just like it is except…LOL..I add 1/8 tsp of salt to the glaze. It deepens the flavor. Thanks for a recipe that uses one of my favorite vegetables…zucchini.

  6. Dana Gerstlauer

    I think this is a great recipe! I added 1/2 cup Mini chocolate chips and used pecans. It was very moist and tender. I have the gluten free version of it in the oven now.

  7. Heidi

    I substitute the cocoa with Bob’s Red Mill Carob Powder. I also use about half whole wheat flour. Pumpkin puree makes a great oil/butter substitute and makes It a bit healthier too. It comes out rich and decadent without being too sweet, especially if you dust the top with powdered sugar rather than glaze.

  8. Sunny

    Is it unsweetened cocoa?

    • Elise

      Hi Sunny, yes, natural, unsweetened cocoa. I’ve made the clarification in the ingredient list. Thank you!

  9. Lori

    I made it lowfat vegan – sub 3/4 cup butter with 1/2 cup applesauce and 1/4 coconut oil, sub 3 eggs with 3 flax eggs (3T flax meal mixed with 6T water, let sit for a bit or microwave for 30 seconds), And I used unsweetened cashew milk, in place of the regular milk. I skipped the nuts and glaze and dusted it with powdered sugar. Either way best chocolate cake ever.

  10. Sabrina

    Excellent cake! The texture is perfect. The zucchini isn’t noticable, too!!!

  11. Tiny Bubble

    Hi, I would like to make this cake for a birthday party tomorrow night. If I make it tonight, what should I do to keep it moist and fresh for tomorrow night?

    • Elise

      Hi Tiny, great question! I would let it cool down all the way, wrap it in saran wrap, and put it in the fridge overnight. Let it come to room temp before serving.

  12. Shane

    Great Cake. Put it on the menu for afternoon tea and went down a treat :)

  13. Whitney

    Hi, I am very excited to make this cake! It looks like all the right flavours are included! One question though.. do you have to peel the zucchini before grating it?

    No, you should not need to peel the zucchini. But if your zucchini is a big, old bat, with tough thick skin, then yes, you will need to peel that. ~Elise

  14. Livi

    The co-workers womped thru the Chocolate Veggie Monsters. Now to start working on replacing “bad” ingredients with “healthy ones and see where it gets me.

  15. Livi

    I juice and save the pulp, tonight I made Veggie Monster cupcakes (garlic, radish, zucchini, cabbage, squash, beet, sweet potato, celery and onion) I also added mini chocolate chips. I ran out of flour and used almond flour and I ground the nuts a little too long and got walnut flour, lots of cupcakes later wonder it I will tell my co-workers the secret seasoning…

  16. Clara

    I made this with carrots (rigorously shredded by hand): it came out perfect, like a Sacher Torte, the crumb is very close, but the cake is moist and soft. Good recipe!

  17. Pamela

    Sorry but I did not like this cake at all except for the glaze and I made my own chocolate glaze. Most choc zuc cakes I have had have been quite dark, very moist, and with a wonderful texture that rolls around in my mouth. I pulled this cake out of the oven at 40 minutes and it was dry. It was not dark and did not have that soft texture. The only way I could eat it was to dump some amaretto on it. I followed the recipe exactly (except for the glaze) and my oven temperature was correct.

    I cut some of it up and put flat in a container and covered with softened chocolate ice cream mixed with pecans and caramel and put it in the freezer to try another day. The rest I threw out.

    I don’t bake very often any more so I was really disappointed that I wasted all the time, money and effort. I was so looking forward to a big slice of delicious chocolate zucchini cake with a large glass of milk.

    Hello Pamela. Every oven is different. That’s why it can be so helpful to test for doneness at least 10 minutes before the recipe says something will be done. On any baking recipe. Most people have a great experience with this recipe. I’ve made it without a problem for decades. It could also be that your zucchini was on the dry side. That sometimes happens, especially end of season or off-season. Sometimes zucchini is loaded with moisture, sometimes it isn’t. ~Elise

  18. Jill

    I made this yesterday! It came out beautiful and delicious! I’m so happy to have found this recipe. Like one of the comments above, I want to add chocolate chips next time. Wow, this is amazing. Thank you!

  19. Kathleen

    If I bake this using 2 rounds (as in two layers), would I need to decrease the baking time?

    Also, if adding clove, could you recommend an amount that wouldn’t ruin the flavor?


    Yes you would need to decrease the baking time, but I don’t know by how much as I haven’t made this cake as a layer cake. You’ll have to experiment. As for adding clove, clove is such a strong spice, it’s best to error on the side on too little than too much. I would just use a small pinch if adding to this recipe. ~Elise

  20. Jen C.

    Hello Elise!
    I just made this cake today, and it is really GOOD! What more can I say? I agree with other comments the combo of orange zest with cinnamon makes this cake really special even gourmet!!!

  21. Jackie Graves

    For the gal who said her cake was dry in a 9 x 12 pan. That size needs to only be baked for 30 to 35 minutes. You can check it with a toothpick at 30 minutes.

  22. Joyce

    I just made this and it is wonderful. There is nothing I would change. It turned out moist and not overly chocolately so it could be served at brunch. I did use a bundt pan, but it actualy cooked over a bit. I would say just make sure you have a deeper bundt pan. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. Amber

    Wonderful cake. Have passed on the recipe to friends and family – thank you so much. Next time, I may add orange extract to the glaze instead of the vanilla….

  24. Michelle

    I made this cake today. I added a little more cocoa than the recipe called for and a tad more sugar. I have a very picky 13 year old who absolutely LOVED this cake. She was not too excited to eat zucchini ever but this cake, she really did like, said it tasted great.

    I made it in my bundt pan but I don’t think I greased it thoroughly it stuck in one part. I couldn’t believe how moist it turned out. Truly delicious. I had to stop myself from having a third piece.

  25. Bea Feleay

    I made this cake for a Frternal Bake Sale. It was a huge disappointment,followed the directions to the letter. But it was an embarrassment to me and to the Chapter. The finish product was pretty as a picture and the first item sold that day. But so heavy I could hardly lift it.

    I made it again the next day, followed every direction except I used Caola Oil instead of butter and baked it in a 9″ X 12″ cake pan.
    Again, the finished product was perfect. But when I cut into it, it was dry as a bond.

  26. Robyn Lynn

    This cake delicious. Does it need to be refrigerated?

    No more than any other cake. We usually leave ours out and eat it up in a couple days. ~Elise

  27. Lida

    This cake was made today by me in the morning…and sad to say it was all eaten by 3pm by my husband, kids and neighbor kids!!!!!!!!!I will have to add it to my best recipe list.. Very yummy and very easy to make!

  28. Felicia

    We loved this cake! It was moist and delicious and oh so chocolatey. I left out the orange zest and substituted the nuts for chocolate chips. Delicious!

  29. ellina

    Hi Elise!
    I have posted a comment on this recipe before. I just wanted to let you know I’ll be making 250 muffins for my daughter’s christening, using this recipe! Wish me luck! xx

  30. Jillian

    By no means am I a chef in the kitchen. I just recently found this website looking for something new to make vs. the same ole’ thing. I came across this recipe and gave it a whirl…Wow! I have shared ours with neighbors and friends just to make us another one! My youngest son and I could have taken a fork and each the entire cake ourselves! Thank you for posting this and making it easy for someone who is not so kitchen savvy!

  31. ECL

    Love your site! Made this tonight followed recipe exactly except didn’t have oranges and omitted walnuts. Also dusted with powdered sugar instead of glaze. Moist and delicious and surprised all the men and kids with the surprise ingredient! Terrific cake thanks! (also made your shrimp ceviche tonight – another winning recipe.)

  32. Jen

    I made this cake tonight and it is delicious. I left out the drizzle, partly because I just didn’t feel like making it and partly because I figured the cake would have enough flavor on its own (I was right!) I think I would reduce the orange zest to 1 teaspoon, or maybe 1 1/2. The orange certainly isn’t overpowering and is a nice element, but it was a bit too prominent for me. Other than that, this recipe is perfect and I will make it again.

  33. Cris

    Love it! It was a great success and I’ll be doing it again soon. Thank’s for the recipe.

  34. Cristen K.

    I made this cake the other day when I had my parents over for dinner. It was amazing! My father isn’t a huge dessert lover and he was raving about this cake. I had to give him half of it to take home! I will definitely be making this for years to come.

  35. mama chiangaling

    I just made this cake without the sugar glaze last evening and it turned out just fine. Although the recipe asks for 2 cups of sugar I find that the cake is not that sweet which is fine with me. The cake was beautifully moist also. The kids and I will be indulging :) Thank you for sharing.

  36. Karin

    This seems to be a perfect cake for my boss who has an allergy to all kinds of fruit. Thanks! I am wondering if this cake keeps well for a couple of days or is it best eaten the same day?

  37. Jessica S.

    When you say “cocoa” do you mean unsweetened cocoa powder or the kind of cocoa I’d make hot chocolate from (sugar added)? Thanks!

    Unsweetened cocoa powder that is typically used in baking. ~Elise

  38. Susan

    Made this today and it is an excellent way to use zucchini when you have made 25 traditional zucchini breads since the garden assault and you’re sick of it, too! Excellent chocolate flavor, nice and moist and the orange zest lends a nice accent as well. Easy to make too, I just whipped it together with a whisk and a spoon. Thanks, Elise.


  39. Simran Sidhu

    I have yet to try baking this cake for a school project, and with the reviews, my A+ is looking good!

    I just wanted to ask, would the cake taste any different if I were to use a 8x8inch regular square pan?

    Do you have any idea how the timing may differ? If so, what would you suggest I bake it at?

    Thanks a ton! Hopefully, the recipe will be a hue success! :)

    Hello Simran, I’m afraid you’ll have to do your own experimentation with this one. I’ve only made it as directed. Good luck! ~Elise

  40. ann golobic

    Are there adjustments to make for high altitude?

    Possibly, but as I don’t do high altitude baking, I wouldn’t know what to tell you. ~Elise

  41. Janet Lake

    Best cake ever! I didn’t have any oranges so used lemon zest! Company loved it. Will make it again.

  42. Stephanie

    A co-worker gifted me with an oversized zucchini (perfect for baking…), but instead of making the usual zucchini bread, I thought I’d try some type of zucchini cake. I was excited to see your chocolate zucchini cake recipe, and now that we’ve tried it, I have to say it’s a keeper! Definitely will make again. Thanks for this and all the other zucchini recipe ideas!

  43. Julie

    I made this cake for a dinner party with some friends visiting from Norway. The friends are not really into “sweets” so I knew I needed to do something a little different. So this was served with a batch of homemade Earl Grey/Vanilla bean ice cream – So Yummy!

    I omitted the orange zest (enough flavors with the ice cream) and substituted almonds for the walnuts/pecans.

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  44. Amy

    Very yummy! I doubled the recipe & added mixed spice, nutmeg & chocolate chips, then cooked it as mini muffins. Takes 10 mins to cook at 180 oC & makes approx 150 mini muffins (I was planning on freezing them). They came out perfectly…moist & chocolatey. The kids (old & young) love them.

  45. Becka

    I was SO SO excited to find this recipe and try it out over the weekend!

    The cake came out beautifully and with a lot of flavor, the only problem was it was a little dry… I tested at 40 minutes and it needed to come out so maybe I need to alter the timing and take it out even sooner? I was also wondering could it have to do with me substituting regular milk for almond milk? Or is that totally irrelevant?

    Either way I will definitely make this again, it was delicious!!!!

  46. Ana


    I was thinking of mailing my family back home a cake and I was wondering if you had any advice on doing it? I think this cake might be perfect for the trip or any other cake that has traits of a pound or bread cake without creamy frosting…

    I would be sending it from France to Croatia so I am assuming it would come within a week. Can these type of cakes sit in a box without getting ruined?

  47. Gaby

    This cake was so good! Although it decided to ooze out of my bundt pan and cooked for almost 65 minutes and I had trouble getting it out of my greased/floured bundt pan – it was a big hit with everyone! I’ll be making it again this weekend and I hope to be more successful. Thanks!

  48. Val

    This is by far the best cake I’ve ever had or made. I did have a little trouble getting it out of the pan, but it was so moist and so delicious. We couldn’t wait for the glaze – served it warm with whipped cream. Can’t tell you how good it was… thanks so much for the recipe!

  49. Lisa

    I made this a while ago and just wanted to let you know how well it went down at work – thank you for the inspiration

  50. Hannah Carpenter


    I have a lot of summer zucchini to use up, so I am checking out this recipe for a family dinner this weekend. I am wondering how it would taste with Elise’s cream cheese frosting (posted on this site), rather than the glaze. Any feedback on how the flavors would combine?


  51. Michelle

    Cooked this at 7,000 feet….I substituted coconut butter for regular butter….

    Complete disaster. Overflowed pan, didn’t cook at all…liquid all the way through after 45 minutes.

    Very disappointed at the wasted ingredients! Any ideas what I did wrong?

    Hi Michelle. Well either one of the two variables mentioned could have been the culprit. First, high altitude baking is different than low altitude baking. Second, you cannot just substitute one fat for another, in this case coconut butter for regular butter, and expect the same result. ~Elise

  52. Lisa

    I only have a silicone bundt pan. Anyone tried one of those?

    I have found silicone bundt pans difficult to use. They tend to not hold their shape well. ~Elise

  53. Giff

    I made this on Sunday with my 4 yr old daughter and the results were absolutely fabulous. Great recipe Elise!

  54. Jennifer

    Makes great muffins, too, though I skipped the glaze and now want to try the cake version so I can get the full effect! Thanks for the recipe. My other chocolate zucchini cake recipe is great but really, really fattening.

  55. Carla

    I admit a few changes, but my cake was fabulous! I prefer the moistness of oil but the taste of butter, so I blended canola oil and melted butter for the fat in the cake. Instead of regular milk I used buttermilk. Oh, I forgot to say that instead of zucchini I grated yellow squash, of which I had an abundance! It worked perfectly.

    My glaze: 1/3 cup melted butter, 2 cups powdered sugar, 1 tsp. vanilla and a generous pinch of cinnamon. Add hot water, a teaspoon at a time, until the glaze is smooth, creamy and is just pourable.

    (How funny. I just noticed that someone was asking about yellow squash. Go for it. Just be sure to press out some of the squash liquid for either yellow or zukes!)

  56. Kim

    Elise: Can I substitiute yellow squash for the zucchini? We have tons of it! Thanks.

    Yes, you can substitute yellow summer squash for the zucchini. Zucchini is considered a variety of summer squash, and most types summer squash are usually interchangeable in recipes. ~Elise

  57. Ruby

    Elise, have you ever tried substituting buttermilk for the milk? Do I need to change anything (i.e., cocoa powder or baking soda levels) if I do?

    I have not tried substituting buttermilk for the milk. Buttermilk is acidic, so it would change the chemistry of the batter, I might decrease the baking powder, which is composed of a dry base and a dry acid, if I were to use buttermilk instead. But your guess is as good as mine. ~Elise

  58. petraUK

    I have a glut of zucchini and this week have made zucchini fritters, sauteed zucchini and parmasan, summer soup with – you guessed it zucchini and the children were getting a little fed up. I was delighted when I found your recipe. I told the children there was chocolate cake for pudding and they never guessed at the secret ingredient but loved the cake as did everyone who tried it. A great cake that appeals to my hate of waste and my taste buds. Thankyou!

  59. ellina

    Elise, I was a bit weary of making this, as adding zucchini to a chocolte cake didn’t sound like a very good idea. However, my fridge was full of zucchini, given to us by my in-laws. So I decided to give it a shot and see how it went. I’m glad I did. This cake is amazing. Moist, and voluptuously chocolatey, and the zucchini is absolutely not discernible. My husband has been helping himself to huge slices, so I think I’ll have to make one more tonight. Thank you so much for this great recipe!!

  60. manuel

    Hey! you know your stuff… calabacitas is exactly what we have

  61. manuel

    Hi Elise
    This could be the answer for my search. I live in Mexico. Zucchini here are green on the outside as oposed to the yellow ones common in USA. Do you know if they may work ok?

    Most of our zucchini is green on the outside, actually. Any summer squash will do, including calabacitas. ~Elise

  62. Carol

    I made this tonight for an impromptu visit from the in-laws. It was so easy and so moist. I added a bit of cinnamon to my glaze & it worked really well. I love the cinnamon & chocolate combo. I think next time I’ll skip the walnuts (maybe add some chocolate chips) and up the cinnamon. There will totally be a next time!


  63. G. Allen

    This is amazing. I want to scream it from the mountain tops!
    Thanks for another amazing recipe!!

  64. Kelly

    Great, moist cake recipe. If I made it again I’d probably do it without the glaze (I think the cake is moist enough on its own and it keeps better without it). Thanks Elise!! Can you tell I’m finally commenting on all your many recipes I’ve tried?? :)

  65. Helana

    All I can think to say is “wow!” This cake is so moist and so delicious. Definitely my new favorite chocolate cake recipe!

  66. clare

    I made Elise’s cake in SW France with an enormous zucchini (halfway to a marrow). No problem with dryness, even with a zucchini takent out of the ground at the beginning of November. It was a huge success with my French neighbours who are reluctantly having to admit that they can learn things about cooking from other nationalities!

  67. Latha

    Dear Elise,

    I baked this cake y’day for my son’s farewell party at the nursery. None believed that it had zucchini. I added cranberries instead of the nuts and it complemented the flavor (and season) a lot. I would recommend to grease the tin very generously. I had a tough time getting the cake off the tin without much fractures.

  68. vanessa

    Great cake! I made it yesterday to celebrate three birthdays of three great people in my work and they loved it. Thanks for the recipe now it’s my favorite cake!

  69. Jane

    I thought this cake sounded great, but I squeezed out the excess water from the zucchini before I put it in the batter and the cake is a bit dry. Disappointing, since the best thing about baking with zucchini is the moistness it adds. I won’t make this again, although it did look beautiful.

    Hi Jane, no where in the recipe instructions does it say to squeeze out excess moisture from the zucchini. That sort of defeats the purpose! ~Elise

  70. Ari

    I made it yesterday Elise… All the good comments were right on!!! It’s delicious, and the texture is… yum!! Thanks for the recipe!

  71. Angie

    I have a delicious recipe for chocolate zucchini bread. My mother-in-law just made it and gave it to me it is to die for….The trick is to take it out right at 1 hour no longer no less….Here it is….
    4 eggs, 3 cups sugar, 1 1/2 cups veg. oil, 3 oz. unsweetened chocolate (melted), 3 cups flour, 1 1/2 t. Baking powder, 1 t. baking soda, 1 t. salt, 3 cups shredded zucchini, 1 cup nuts, 2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
    Preheat oven to 350 degrees
    grease and flour 2 9×5 pans
    Beat eggs until thick and light in color
    Add sugar gradually, Add oil and melted choc.
    Mix dry ingredients together in a separate bowl, add the dry ingredientsto chocolate mixture, add zucchini, stir in nuts and chocolate chips, Pour into panes bake for 1 hour cool 10 min. turn out of pan, cool slices best after 24 hours. to get a good separation with your chocolate chips dust them with flour before adding them…..SOOOOOO good.

  72. Elisa

    Elise–I was wondering if you or anyone reading your site has a recipe for chocolate zucchini bread? I’ve been participating in our local farmers market and have been selling my breads and cookies for 4 wks now. I’m the first vendor to sell out; we start at 7:30 and go until 12:00 when it ends or when you sell out…I’m always sold out by 10:30. I would appreciate any advice!

  73. Cat

    Just curious, can I use a 9 x 13 pan and how long would I cook it for? Same temp.?

    I don’t know, I haven’t made it in a 9×13 pan. I would think the same temp, but a shorter cooking time. You’ll have to experiment. ~Elise

  74. Katie

    Wow, Elise, that is an amazing cake!
    After 45 minutes at high altitude, it baked perfectly and was incredibly moist (still is, in fact, at least what’s left of it).
    My coworkers served as guinea pigs yet again for another one of your recipes, and we haven’t disappointed yet! They were all surprised that it had zucchini in it, then concluding, “Yeah, you are pretty health conscious.” Heck, I just wanted to try a new cake- who cares if vegetables or sticks of butter are included.

    Anyway, thanks yet again!

  75. Fran

    I’m pretty good at making cakes, but this turned out very disappointing…dry and not flavorful. I don’t know if buying zucchini out of season at the grocery store would have made a difference or not. Years ago I had a chocolate zucchini bundt cake recipe that was outstanding. It had cinnamon in it and was very moist and flavcrful. Any ideas what was wrong?

    Note from Elise: If it was dry, it may have baked too long. Also, if the zucchini was out of season, perhaps it wasn’t as moisture rich as zucchini in season.

  76. Becca

    Thanks so much for this recipe! It was delicious.
    It turned out really crumbly though…I may have used too much zucchini. I will definitely try again.

  77. Laura

    Total novice here… the orange peel – is that fresh or is dried? I’ve seen (I think) dried orange peel in the bulk spice bins at the local food co-op. Thanks.

    Fresh, orange zest. ~Elise

  78. Jonib

    I don’t bake, but the name alone was so intriguing I had to try it. Even after three solid days of interviewing job candidates (can you say brain fry), this was simple. I made it without nuts since one of my colleagues can’t eat nuts. I also added some orange zest to the glaze for added oomph. The director of the kitchen, who’s been an executive chef at some 5-star hotels and restaurants, RAVED about it. This is truly a wonderful recipe and I thank you for sharing it!

  79. McAuliflower

    Hints for making it without a bundt pan?


  80. judy

    I made this cake to take to a party and it was popular and when I retrieved my plate there was only one piece left.

    This is a lovely food blog and this is the third recipe that I’ve tried since someone turned me on to your site and every recipe has turned out well. Judy


  81. Erin

    This cake is delicious! I made a double batch to take to a picnic. It turned out very moist and everyone loved it. When baking 2 cakes at a time, I had to leave them in for about 65 minutes, but I checked every 5 minutes starting at 45 to make sure they came out as soon as they were done. I made the glaze with 3 Tbsp of orange juice instead of the milk and the orange glaze complemented the mildly spicy orange flavor of the cake nicely.

  82. julie

    I would like to know how to make this gluten-free. Thanks, Julie

    Hi Julie – You might try using some of the packaged wheat-free flour mixtures on the market in place of the wheat flour the recipe calls for. Let us know how it turns out. ~Elise

  83. marie

    I made this cake last night. It is wonderfully moist! I substituted half the butter with a mashed banana and instead of all that sugar, halfed it and added molasses. Eventho it tastes ok, definitely next time I’m putting in more cocoa and adding chocolate chips!!!

  84. maia

    Yum! This looks excellent.. just the thing for all the zucchini coming out of my garden. I don’t have a bundt pan.. is there any way to alter the recipe for a standard loaf pan? Perhaps just make 2/3 of the recipe or..? Thanks!

    Hi Maia – Perhaps you could make this cake in two loaf pans instead of one bundt pan? Let us know what you figure out and how it works for you. ~Elise

  85. Anonymous

    I love this cake sooooo much. thank you xxx

  86. Erin

    Quick question for you – American-style or Dutch-process cocoa powder? I’m guessing American, especially since the recipe calls for baking soda, but I figured I would ask to see if you have any advice!

    Hi Erin – Dutch or American cocoa? Oh my, I’m sure I don’t know. The bakers reading this may cringe but rather don’t think it matters that much in this recipe. ~Elise

  87. Pat

    I wanted a cake and not a bread so I googled Zucchini cake and this was the first recipe. I could not wait to make this cake since I am a chocolate fan. That was 3 weeks ago and since then I have made 3 cakes, passed the recipe on to my coworkers who have also tried it. I LOVE IT. I am not a fan of orange so I did not put that in, nor did I put the frosting on. The moistness is incredible. I used a bit more than the 2 cups called for the first time, the 2nd time I didn’t realize that I had a 4 cup measuring cup when grating the zucchini until it was to late. Still it was very good, I should have cooked it a bit longer but my coworkers did not even notice the difference, they thought it was more moist than the first one I made. Everyone was surprised that zucchini was even in the cake. I used zucchini from our garden and look forward to making a few more this summer. Thank You for sharing, I plan on visiting your site often.

  88. Elise

    You shouldn’t have to peel or seed the zucchini, if you are working with mild zucchini to begin with. Sometimes squash, if left too long on the vine, ends up getting rather seedy and bitter. Don’t use these squash for this recipe. If you are unsure, taste the raw zucchini first. It should be quite mild.

  89. Dan

    If your cake comes out bitter, don’t forget to peel and seed the zucchini.

  90. Annie

    I tried this exactly as given, but without the orange rind or baking soda (didn’t have) and with 1/2 cup less zucchini (to make sure my kids wouldn’t taste it..) BUT it came out bitter. Any idea why? I’d like to give it another shot..

  91. Louise

    I have a similar recipe for a chocolate zucchini cake but it is not a bundt cake. I will have to try this one for sure as I love bundt cakes!! I also have a very good zucchini loaf recipe that I make in the fall when I am given a lot of zucchinis and don’t know what to do with them all. Then I freeze them for winter time.

    Spicy Zucchini Loaf

    2 cups flour
    1/2 (heaping) tsp. b. soda
    1 tsp. (heaping) b. powder
    2 tsp. cinnamon
    1/2 tsp. salt
    2 eggs
    2/3 cup oil
    2/3 cup sugar
    1/3 cup b. sugar
    1 tsp. vanilla
    2 cups grated zucchini, peel and all, but scoop out big seeds

    Mix dry ingredients together. Beat eggs with oil, sugars, & vanilla till thick and creamy. Add zucchini, then dry ingredients. Fold in raisins, nuts or chocolate chips. Pour into a loaf pan and put into a 350* oven for 55 – 60 minutes. I prefer the raisins, but everyone likes different things. Enjoy!!!!

  92. Sarah

    All I have to say is “wow” – thanks for sharing this recipe. You made our evening.

  93. Kim

    I made this cake from Sunset for my boyfriend in grad school, as a first special treat for him. It worked – he married me! I was just thinking of making this this weekend for a BBQ potluck I’m attending. We have about 5 lbs of “UFO” squash to use up from our CSA!

  94. Desiree

    Mmmmmm…. I made this today as someone gave me two huge Zucchini yesterday. This is such a moist and delicious cake, awesome. Thanks for having it here on the web (and findable by Google).

  95. amy

    I made this for my office colleagues and they all seemed to love it a lot – it was very soft and moist! A wonderful, easy recipe :-)

  96. bilgen

    I made this cake and it was delicious.

  97. alev

    I made the Chocolate Zucchini cake and it is a heavenly. I can’t wait to make it again. Thanks for the recipe.

  98. Anonymous

    This is my all time favorite recipe! Whenever I tell people about it, they think it sounds so strange… now I have proof – it IS a real recipe, and one that many people like.

  99. SLOLindsay

    I combined some elements of your cake and Clotilde’s (your inside, her topping, her pan suggestion, etc.)
    It turned out beautifully. I’m glad I found this recipe, and it was totally by accident.

  100. Heidi

    Wow – I was so excited to find the chocolate zucchini cake from Sunset magazine! I used to make it a lot about 13 years ago, and lost the recipe. I did a google search typing in “Chocolate Zucchine Cake Sunset Magazine” and was so pleasantly suprized when I was immediately led me to your post on this web site – I couldn’t believe it! This recipe is outstanding. I remember it being so moist and the chocolate flavor is perfect. I always considered the cinnamon and orange peel to be the secret to the wonderful flavor. Sunset magazine included an exceptional zucchini bread recipe in the same issue the chocolate cake was in. The zuke bread recipe includes wheatgerm and maple flavoring – it too is extremely moist and always a hit with my family and friends. Thanks for posting this fabulous old chocolate zucchini cake recipe – I can’t wait to make it again!

  101. Colleen

    I just came across your websight recently and love it! I have just made the Chocolate Zucchini cake and it is fantastic. The addition of the orange rind really make it. I plan on trying many more of your recipes. Thanks!

  102. clotilde

    Dear Elise,
    Thanks so much for the kind words and for the alternate recipe!

  103. Reid

    Hi Elise,

    I took your advice and checked the cake at 45 minutes. It was done. The taste was perfect. Thanks for the recipe. It’s now a keeper!

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