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  1. Meg

    The most lackluster Mac n cheese ever. They didn’t even say to put any spices or anything in it. Be sure to add lots of salt pepper and cayenne pepper to add flavor.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Meg, if your mac n cheese is lackluster, my guess is that you are not using the correct type of chorizo. Mexican chorizo is really spicy. There is no need to add any additional spices or cayenne if you are starting with a spicy chorizo. Also we are using pepperjack cheese, which is also spicy.

  2. Mike

    This was delicious the first time. But the second time I wanted to see if I could improve it. Added a can or Ro Tel tom and green chiles. Increased the milk by 50%. (We make a double batch. 2 teenage boys in the house.) With the lime juice did half of what I should have and the some orange juice. (Ran outta lime juice) And instead of bread crumbs I crushed up Doritos. (Outta bread crumbs) And some ground red pepper. It was awesome.


  3. Ron Ridley

    We had this earlier in the week. The flavor was great, but the family agreed that it could have been saucier. The next time I will double the milk and cheese. Do you think I would need to add any extra fat and flour to thicken up that large of an increase in liquid for the sauce?


    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Ron! Emma here, managing editor for Simply Recipes. So glad you liked the recipe! If you want to double the amount of sauce, I’d also double the amount of flour added to the chorizo mixture and add another tablespoon of oil. Hope that helps!

  4. Carolyn

    We are going to try but use Portuguese sausage instead. My guess it will be fabulous. If you have not had Portuguese sausage you can buy online from famous food. Com

  5. Kristiana

    Hello Everyone,

    I use chorizo in many dishes. Dishes I use it in usually have ground beef a its main ingredient. Three particular dishes are home style
    tacos/burittos, spaghetti, and Frito pie /nachos. I use it in
    conjunction not in lure of. Provides something extra to each of the three dishes. Spaghetti coloring, nachos/frito pies sensation and
    tacos/burittos a spicy flavor. Do normal preperation, mix and season to taste and you have different dishes that’s sure to satisfy even the
    pickiest eaters.

  6. elsa

    Do you think i can prep it and let it sit in the fridge then bake it the next day?

    I haven’t made it ahead, but I don’t see why you couldn’t do as you’ve described. ~Elise

  7. gracie

    I have used cooked & crumbled chorizo in quesadillas, w/a pepper jack
    cheese. A stuffing for chile rellenos. I like mixed with fried potatoes for breakfast. Mixed in with refried beans. Put on a pizza.
    I can’t wait to try in Mac & Cheese – sounds delicious.

  8. Tri

    This sounds great! I will be trying it out soon.

    My favorite use of chorizo is in “Mexican eggs Benedict”. It’s basically an English muffin topped with a chorizo patty, tomato, and poached egg with cilantro hollandaise sauce. Also you can make home fries from the same pan that you cooked the chorizo in and it will infuse the potatoes.

  9. JC

    I mostly use chorizo for nachos and I make a great chip dip with it using velvetta cheese and chorizo in a crock pot, but I am usually to busy to make my own Chorizo, but Sunset Farm Foods has a great chorizo chub.I can sometimes find it in stores, but usually I have to order from their website ,, but it is soo worth it.

  10. Vivian

    I made this recipe the other day and wow, was it ever tasty. Wasn’t too sure about the lime juice so I only used 1 teaspoon but will definitely use the full amount next time.

  11. RyanSullivan

    Elise, looks great! The best use of chorizo I’ve ever tasted would have to be chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, you should really make them!

  12. Akemi

    I made this with soy chorizo and based on Jenny R’s comment above added 1.5 cups of milk. I think the extra milk was a good idea, but my result wasn’t dry at all. However, I didn’t mix in any corn starch with the cheese (didn’t have any) and I cooked the onions briefly in a little olive oil before adding the soyrizo as soy meat doesn’t add oil to the pan the way animal meat does. It’s quite nice – thanks!

  13. Jenny R

    Thought I’d give a little update–made this the other day with soy chorizo and despite adding an extra 1/2 cup of milk, it still ended up a bit dry. I’m guessing its because the soy chorizo is drier and a bit less greasy than the real deal?? Regardless, the flavor was still fantastic! Next time I make it with soy I will up the milk to 2 cups :)

  14. Rheannon

    I got my chorizo at my local health food store -had never had it before. Mine was a bit firm and I didn’t see how it’d become soft enough to smash up in a skillet, so I put it in a food processor with a small amount of water and voila! I had a pate consistency. :). My Mac n cheese is baking right now for dinner!

    Great idea! ~Elise

  15. Linda

    In Mexico they take the chorizo cook then it cover with green peppers and onion grilled but still crisp.. cover it with like a Monterrey Jack cheese and put under broiler.. serve with fresh flour tortillas or fresh made corn chips.. Out of this world! That is the soft Mexican style.. not the Spanish chorizo.

  16. Chad

    Great,great,great! No breadcrumbs, Ok I did have time and all the bread on hand but I opted for Doritos. I also had no pepper jack on hand but I did have a nice jalapeno (on a stick?) which I added to the onions. More lime juice on the side and a scoop of sour cream. Will add this to my Mac and cheese file.

  17. Sleeping Should Be Easy

    I just had this literally 10 seconds ago and wanted to let you know it tasted great! I did however make a huge change, as in, I didn’t use chorizo, I used ground turkey (I had it in the freezer already). I still liked it!

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