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  1. Darcy

    Never tried anything like this before. Still not sure what Im eating and what other stuff to pair it with. It just seems incomplete. Overall Im confused by it, but it is interesting.


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  2. Bryce

    I am planning on making this Friday night to serve after trick or treating with the wife and kids on Saturday (Cincinnati Chili Mac for a damp and “chili” day in the Chicago ‘burbs).
    My question is this: Do I have to wait until the next day (when reheating to a rapid simmer) to add the unsweetened chocolate and vinegar? IIn the “Method”, you have it listed as the last step under “Warm and serve”. Will there be any problem with taste profile if I add it at the end of the 2 to 3 hour simmering stage (immediately before allowing it to cool to room temperature and refrigerating overnight)?
    Note – I have made Cincinnati Chili once before (supposedly the original Skyline Chili recipe), and it don’t believe it had the unsweetened chocolate. I am excited to try this recipe with it because I think it will help deepen the flavor.

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  3. Sara Bir

    Is it tacky to comment on my own recipe? I wanted to give an update that I made a vegetarian/vegan version. In Step 2, instead of the beef I added 1 cup lentils (green or brown, the kind that are sturdier than the ones typically used in American-style lentil soup) and about 10 ounces of minced cremnini mushrooms. I needed to add 1 or 2 more cups of water, and to make it vegan, I used vegan Worcestershire. The cook time was maybe 2 hours, and of course it was not necessary to defat the chili. I normally like serving this as a 5-way with beans on top, but the combo of the lentils and beans made it a bit too beany, so next time I’ll skip that. Anyway, if you are a vegetarian looking to make this without expensive fake meat and unprocessed whole foods instead, I recommend this route–it’s still quite tasty and enough like the real deal I won’t get barred from Cincinnati.

  4. Erin

    question, if you do the slow cooker do u have to brown the ground beef first before you put it in the slow cooker?

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  5. Brittany

    Could I sub cocoa powder? I can’t find unsweetened chocolate without dairy and soy. We can’t have either of those in our house.

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