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  1. Jim

    Actually, there are two 4-Ways: 4-Way Bean and 4-Way Onion, ordered by Cincinnatians as 4-Way-B and 4-Way-O respectively. Aficionados may occasionally be heard ordering an x-Way Dry or x-Way Wet, which prompts the chef to included less or more liquid in the ladle of chili. Or how about a 5-Way Inverted, which is assembled with the cheese on the bottom and the spaghetti on top? I like to add a little mustard so the taste if reminiscent of a Skyline Skyliner: a special Kahn’s wiener on a bun with mustard, chili, onions, and cheese. Hot sauce is optional but recommended.

  2. Frank

    Why would you want to discard the fat? Doing so diminishes the flavor and mouthfeel. If you want to make it healthier, eliminate the spaghetti.

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  3. margaret

    well I had no cloves so I left them out, had no tomato sauce so I used 1/2 cup ketchup 1/2 cup water,had to use the 3 tbs. cocoa powder, used about 1 tsp of adobo seasoning instead of salt, and a big heaping tbs of brown sugar, now it’s perfect!

  4. R

    I enjoyed it. But other members of my family– who are from Cincinnati– think it has far too much chili powder, and too little chocolate, cinnamon, and cumin, as well as being too thick. Personally though, I liked it, but it did have quite a different flavor than Cinci chili I’ve had in the past– if you want to make it more like that add water/cook for less time, reduce the chili, and increase the other spices.

  5. Chefro

    Video was helpful, and not trying to be picky, but we don’t spin the pasta on the fork here in the Queen City……we slice straight down through cheese, chili and pasta and scoop with the fork in one continuous motion.

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