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  1. Marta Rivera

    I’ve never had Cincinnati Chili before making this. My kids were certain they were going to hate it. We were all pleasantly surprised. A week later, I visited my kid’s adopted grandparents, one of them an Ohio native. He just so happened to be making Cincinnati chili and served it to use for dinner. It tasted very similar, but this version was our favorite.
    We loved it over spaghetti which was SO weird (yet so delicious) for us as New Yorkers.


  2. Beres Pearce

    I lived almost 20 years in Cincinnati, and still visit often, and like most Cinci expats still addicted to this chili. Tried this recipe and it is excellent. Differs only a little from the recipe I have been using which was printed in the Cincinnati Enquirer decades ago. This one is slightly more tomatoey (the addition of tomato paste) and is missing the dash of Worcestershire Sauce in my original recipe. When served in Cincinnati the spaghetti is always very mushy ( they have never heard of al dente.)There is nothing quite like the smell of this chili cooking!


  3. Brian

    Many years ago here in upstate New York, I worked with a guy from Cincinnati and he turned me on to their version of chili. Rather than try to explain it, he just had me try some. That was definitely the path of least resistance. Been making it using his recipe, which included the unsweetened chocolate, ever since. Even passed this recipe down to our kids. Try it, you’ll like it!

  4. Jessica

    I’m a native Ohioan on the east coast and though I don’t care for Cincinnati Chili (I don’t like Pastitsio, either, which has a very similar flavor), but I do feel like I need to explain/defend its existence to people who think it’s weird.

    • Sara Bir

      Jessica, I totally understand what you mean.When people say “that’s not chili”, I want to say, “it’s only not chili according to you.” I now aim not to talk smack about regional foods with variations I don’t get. Hopefully Cincinnati chili has made me a more tolerant person.

  5. Jelena

    I’ve never heard of Cincinnati Chilli before, but I’m in Europe, not far from Macedonia and Greece. However, I remember adding ground cinnamon to beef pasta sauce, it was delicious. I can’t wait to try this chilli, especially as there are no beans in it!

  6. Apura

    By looking at the picture, even I can taste how delicious it is

  7. jana

    This was the best Cincinnati chile I have ever had, and I’ve had alot!


  8. Willliam Brown

    I was born in Cincinnati and grew up in Maryland. My dear Mother made Cincinnati Chili quite often much to the delight of the family. Cincinnati Chili is unbelievably excellent whether served in a bowl, over spaghetti, or on top of a hot dog (w/mustard). The ‘MUSHIER’ you make the raw ground beef by vigorous stirring at the beginning with ‘half the water’ the more rewarding when entering the mouth. This recipe is very close to the one I use from scratch. Try it! You’ll love it!