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  1. MJ

    I boiled the meat in 5 cups of water and then drained it saving the water in a fat separator. Cooked the tomato paste for 3 minutes and then poured the water from the fat separator back into the pan and added the meat. Continued as written from there.


  2. Lena

    This was pretty awesome. We have a friend who introduced us to “Cincinnati chili” and really enjoyed it and wanted to try and make it at home. We made three adjustments, instead of water we used 3 cups of beef stock, instead of straight ground beef we did 1lbs ground turkey and 1lbs ground beef, and instead of chocolate powder we used 1oz of baker’s unsweetened chocolate (chopped in small pieces). I sautéed the tomato paste first and then made that “sludge” of ground meat, tomato sauce, spices, and beef stock. And then put it all in the instant pot for 30 min with natural release. I’ll be honest, I was pretty hesitant and thought the meat would be like meatloaf (usually recipes say to brown ground meat first), but this was awesome! The meat and the sauce were perfect! We then added the vinegar and chocolate on top to mix, it was great! Loved this recipe and the mode of cooking!


  3. Brad Hilliard

    Great recipe! It’s the real deal.


  4. Lynn

    A Cincinnati resident for 45 years here, who is a huge fan of Skyline Cincinnati Chili, so I must tell anyone making this that chocolate or cocoa is NOT an optional ingredient in our chili. It has to have it, or it ain’t Cincinnati chili!

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  5. [email protected]

    Thank you Sara!! I have in-laws from Cincinnati and they taught me how to make Cincinnati Chili from scratch one year. Of course I didn’t write anything down, but this is pretty much how they did it. This is authentic as it gets. Minus your grandma teaching it to you.

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