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  1. Judy

    As I read your story about making cinnamon sugar toast I thought about teaching my sons how to make this uber easy treat. Years ago I started keeping a mix of the divine blend in my pantry, I sometimes use it in other things. I KNOW, it’s a sin to use this for anything else but sometimes it’s the only thing that will work!!

  2. Cathy

    Agree about the brown sugar, try with Demerara sugar. I just had some for dinner. It also goes well with a bowl of oatmeal.


  3. Julia

    I too grew up on cinnamon toast. Our version was the broiler method, but when we went camping we learned to make it from a park ranger and his method is the bomb. In a pie pan combine powdered sugar and cinnamon and set aside. Heat up griddle. In another pie pan put milk. Dip slices of bread into milk until just dampened. Then dip bread into cinnamon sugar mixture. Cook french toast style on buttered griddle until sugar melts and carmelizes. Don’t burn your tongue gobbling it down cause it is fantastic.

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  4. Karina

    Ooh, my favorite way of making cinnamon toast is to mix softened butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and a dash of vanilla, spread it on bread, then bake it in the oven for several minutes. Finish it off under the broiler and oh my goodness, it’s hard to stop myself from eating eight or ten pieces in one sitting (:

  5. Arizona Couple


    Our McCormick Cinnamon Sugar was running low and we love it in our coffee and on our peach halves! Sooo… we were searching for the ‘perfect’ cinnamon/sugar ratio to refill the sprinkler bottle. Thanks sooo… much for this post. This and all of the posted comments bring back wonderful childhood memories for both of us. Makes us want to experiment with many of these great ideas. When my grandparents retired to Arizona from Chicago, my grandmother made what she called ‘Arizona Iced Tea’. She filled a 1 gallon glass jar (old pickle jar) with water and three ‘Lipton’ tea bags held by their strings by the jar lid and set this outside at sunrise to collect the maximum sunlight until noon. For lunch, she would pour her premixed cinnamon sugar into large glasses until you couldn’t see the bottoms of the glasses. Then she would pour in the sun-brewed tea to about two thirds full and stir it all together until thoroughly mixed. At last she would add the ice and tell us kids to leave it set until it was cold (Of course, we could never wait that long). My wife remembers her mother making the cinnamon sugar pie crust left overs and french toast as described in previous comments. Now she wants to make some this morning! Maybe with pumpkin pie spice/sugar mixed together. Pumpkin pie spice goes good in coffee…

    Thanks again for this post.

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