No ImageCircassian Chicken Salad

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  1. Donald

    Do you have a preference for olive oil or walnut oil? Also, any thoughts on sous vide the chicken in the broth (maybe with onion)?

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  2. Christine

    Could anyone suggest a bread substitute? I’ve been on a low carb diet & would love to try this recipe. Thanks

  3. Anny

    Thank you Hank for sharing us the recipe! I made this chicken salad last week, and actually enjoyed it very much. It reminds me of the Pecel sauce (peanut sauce) for Indonesian vegetable salad. I like the chunks of walnut in the chicken salad, since it gives the salad a crunch. Again, thanks for sharing!

  4. patty

    I saw this recipe months ago when it was originally posted and have been thinking about it ever since. FINALLY made it last night and had to comment on how delicious it was. I only made two small variations: I used roast chicken breast on the bone (as a matter of preference) and chives instead of scallions (as a matter of what was in my fridge). I used suggested porportions above for spices (very unlike me!) and it was great. I would actually add a little more cayenne for my own preference next time, but otherwise would not change anything.

  5. Ejide TANIK

    I am Turkish, half Circassian my grandmother
    was a Circassian.
    The original recipe calls for :
    1.Only white chicken meat boiled with a whole onion.Discarding the skin you need to pull off very fine threads from the meat. Leave a side.
    2.Walnuts need to be processed untill (very fine like peanut butter)they stick to the bowl.
    3.Add the bread,garlic and some of the stock add also the boiled onion to the walnut puree, process all very well like a cream. Add salt and pepper to taste.
    4.Mix chicken threads and walnut sauce,then drizzle with walnut oil mixed with red pepper.
    Green onions and parsley is not used in the classic recipe.

    Yes, I know green onions and parsley are not in the classic, but I made this in spring and I decided to put them in. That said, I am pretty happy my recipe is so close to yours – thank you for sharing it! ~Hank

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