No ImageClassic English Toad-in-the-Hole

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  1. Karen

    First attempt came out perfectly, I made an onion gravy as well! My husband loved it.


  2. KLS

    I’ve made this recipe many many times and it always comes out perfect. Served mine with homemade onion gravy and it’s delicious


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  3. Amanda

    Ok statement made that american version is an egg cooked inside a hole in bread is wrong that’s eggs in a basket!

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  4. Buck

    Even though the dish was fine, there just was not enough flavor in the batter. It was like eating lightly brown toast. The batter needed some kind of kick, or at least some flavor. But a good place to start. Was very good with some deli honey mustard and added spices.


  5. Ashley

    Absolutely fab! Big hit with the kids! (I have picky eaters) question though… Any tips on the batter for this and Yorkshire pudding to get it rise properly in the US?


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