No ImageGerman Potato Salad

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  1. Kelly

    This was so good. I served it warm with the beer can chicken and carrot salad on this website.

  2. Rochelle

    I have made German potato salad many times and I serve it warm or chilled. I lived in Germany for several years and had it served both ways there as well. I think this recipe sounds wonderful and I will be making it soon.

  3. jenni

    hmmm…my (very) german grandmother made a version of this, and it was ALWAYS served warm. I’m guessing it is not a german-american thing, but most likely originates from a certain area of Germany (don’t know offhand what region my grandparents were from). Grew up loving it, HATE cold american mayo potato salad!

  4. Summer Miller

    I loved this potato salad! It was so nice to have a potato salad without mayo! I didn’t have have yellow mustard or red potatoes so I substituted Dijon and Yukon golds! It worked beautifully! I took it to an backyard BBQ. Three other people brought potato salad and this one was the first to go! The best part is I didn’t even have to feel guilty eating it. Also, if you are a Whole30 person this recipe is a great one!


  5. Joscelyn Pierce

    According to Wikipedia, in Germany it is called “Kartoffelsalat” and is typically made with red potatoes, vinegar, olive oil, herbs and bacon and is usually served warm. My father and his family came from Germany and were wonderful cooks. They brought many of their recipes from Germany and my father made the best German Potato Salad and always served it warm.

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