No ImageClassic King Crab

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  1. Darren

    Made it and came out great.


  2. Mark Downey

    I share the author’s concern for over-fishing, but the crash of the king crab fishery in Alaska in the early 1980s was also caused by a rise is sea temperatures. The shrimp fishery there crashed at the same time. Neither fishery has ever been the same. Conversely, the subsequent vacuum left in the Northern Pacific was filled by bottom fish: cod, halibut, etc.

  3. todd hubbs

    Everytime I think about having some delicious king crab legs that have been flown in from Alaska my mouth begins to water. Thanks Hank for the recipe. Maybe you know my friend John. He started ? You should reach out to him and check out his blog and his amazing story.

  4. Jo

    Oh Lorraine, Butter is your friend, not your fiend…its a healthy fat, welcome to 2015.

  5. Lorraine

    Why not use pure butter? Some of us have enough trouble with cholesterol. I choose to add some olive oil, lemon, white wine or chicken stock, and fresh cilantro. Wonderful flavor and lower in fat!

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