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  1. Spoonzy


    This recipe was fantastic!!!

    I followed your directions for rare chops. The lamb was melt in your mouth tender and the fat was nice and crispy. This is certainly my “go to” Rack of Lamb recipe.

    As a private chef, I can attest that this recipe is spot on and cooking times are just right.


  2. Frank

    Hi Elise! You have the sear backwards but don’t worry most people do it backwards.

    First, do the low-temp cook. I literally use a toaster oven on low power about 35 minutes. The key is to check the deepest part of the meat for 60C with a meat thermometer. Once it starts rising it rises fast so after about 25 minutes check it, and every 5 min thereafter.

    Then cook 5 min more at max heat (here, a toaster oven may be hotter than a real oven, at least hotter instantly rather than after an hour pre-heat) to make the outside a crispy crust.

    The reason is that the entire lamb will be in between medium rare and medium from the low heat: pink all the way through but nothing gray yet. And, its bone dry on the outside which means high heat will actually cook the meat, not just be wasted turning water to steam which only happens at 212F/100C. So you get a much better brown, but that high heat doesn’t have the time to soak in and give you that big band of grey you have in your photos.

    My marinade is to rub with anchovy paste and garlic paste, enough to give the whole rack a very thin slime. Then thyme and rosemary and a generous amount of salt (I use maragarita salt). Better if left overnight but doesn’t have to be.

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  3. Ray

    Tried it for dinner ……first time cooking rack of lamb….the recipe was perfect…so proud….

  4. Seleste

    My husband and I love ❤️ this recipe. I have made several times, and follow the recipe to the letter. I have even taken it to a potluck thanksgiving and had rave reviews!! It’s my go to since we eat lamb a lot.


  5. Danielle

    Fantastic!! DanielleMy family loved it!!


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