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  1. Seleste

    My husband and I love ❤️ this recipe. I have made several times, and follow the recipe to the letter. I have even taken it to a potluck thanksgiving and had rave reviews!! It’s my go to since we eat lamb a lot.


  2. Danielle

    Fantastic!! DanielleMy family loved it!!


  3. Kevin

    I used the cooking technique with my own seasoning (olive oil, salt, pepper, herbes de Provence and crushed garlic). I removed most of the fat cap and the silver skin on the underside of the rack, applied the oil and seasonings directly to the meat and let it sit for about an hour.

    Followed the cook times – 450 f for 10 minutes and 300f for another 10. Temperature was 134 f. Perfect medium rare after resting for 15 minutes.


  4. Mary

    I’m a little confused with the roasting technique? One person mentioned placing the rack of lamb on a rack in the oven? Would a cookie sheet work with small metal racks on top of it?

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  5. Stan

    First time making Rack of Lamb. I mostly followed the recipe in terms of ingredients, but did not double-pepper (it calls for pepper while marinading and when prepping for the oven). Since only one other reviewer mentioned it, I will mention that I found the times to be way off. I used 15 min at 450 and almost 30 minutes at 300 to get it to 133 internal temp. I had a 8-rib rack and let it sit outside the fridge for over 2 hours. However, I am certain this was not long enough since when I stuck a meat thermometer 1/3 into the length of the rack after 10 min at 450, it only read 66 deg! Not sure I am a fan of ROL though due to the fat cap, which I did not eat so it meant loss of the herbs and the value of the cut at $19/lb for mostly bones and fat. My guests raved about it though!


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