No ImageClassic Vanilla and Chocolate Marbled Bundt Cake

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  1. Andrea

    I followed the recipe closely. All the weights were identical, minor deviations were mini chips not regular sized, vanilla extract and heavy cream for the glaze, not vanilla bean and whole mild. The cocoa was Hersheys special dark. The results were quite nice, batter came together nicely, baking time was accurate, flavor was good. This is a substantial cake, richer and heavier than, say, the chocolate zucchini cake that is a favorite of mine on this site. We had thin slices to celebrate a birthday and I froze the rest in sections. Thank you, Elise and Emma.


  2. Angelica

    Hi, I’ve been looking for delicious moist Marble cake … But I was wondering can I make it in a regular cake pan?? To make it into a layer cake with chocolate ganache filling

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  3. Willow

    I have made this about 5 times, and it is delicious and moist! I haven’t had problems with it being too runny; the chocolate syrup is runny, and this makes the chocolate portion more liquidy than the vanilla. However. In my opinion, this makes the marbling work better and helps prevent a dry chocolate portion, which is a peril of chocolate cakes. I also like the variations in the book. I have used golden syrup in place of the honey. One last tip: you can reduce the cocoa by half if you don’t like strong chocolate. Anyway I think it is the best marble cake recipe out there.


  4. Malini

    Took 60 minutes to bake and the cake was super moist and yum. The chocolate portion was a bit runny, but that didn’t seem to have any negative effect on the cake. In fact the syrup was so tasty that we licked away the left overs. Definitely a must.


  5. Kate

    I tried this recipe and had a little trouble with it. The batter seemed more liquid than it should be and I considered adding a little more flour but didn’t (I live in France and I don’t mean to be the poor craftsman who blames my tools but I do find the ingredients to be just a little different sometimes, butter with different water/fat content, non-standard sized eggs as I buy them at the market, a curdled milk as a sub for buttermilk, etc. and I think that does affect my baking sometimes). The colors all mixed together instead of marbling nicely because it was more liquid than it should have been.
    The real dissapointment however was the flavor which was completely dominated by the taste of honey; even using expresso coffee and good cocoa didn’t cut through it at all. It’s not a flavor I would include again.
    Thanks anyway for all your recipes.


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