Classic Vodka Martini

It should be noted that the other classic martini is a gin martini, so feel free to go in that direction if that's more your style!

  • Prep time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 drink


  • 3 ounces vodka
  • 3/4 ounces dry vermouth
  • Lemon peel
  • Ice


1 Mix the vodka and vermouth: Fill a mixing glass or pint glass with ice. Add the vodka and vermouth.

2 Stir: Stir for at least 30 seconds.

3 Prep your glass: Allow the drink to sit for a minute. Meanwhile, rub a lemon peel around the rim of a cocktail glass.

4 Strain: Strain the drink into the glass, and drop the lemon peel in. Sip and savor!

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  • Steve

    I agree with James that a Martini is a mixture of gin and dry vermouth. Keep the barbarians at the gate! But a mixture of vodka and dry vermouth is also a legitimate cocktail. It’s a Kangaroo. Yeah, I know. That’s why nobody uses that name.

    I’ve resigned myself to accept the Vodkatini nomenclature for the Kangaroo.

    I did a side-by-side taste test with friends. Martini, Vodkatini. Lemon twist, olives (just as garnish, no excess brine). All 3:1 ratio. Unanimously, we picked lemon twist for the Martini. The olives fought the nuances of the gin. The lemon twist added brightness and brought the drink together. And we all picked olives for the Vodkatini. Here, the olives added umami that really improved the drink. The lemon seemed boring.

    On ratios and gins and vermouths… THAT is what makes the Martini so awesome. Negroni? Set in stone. Martini? You get to decide! Find your favorites! And remember the old saw, “There’s no wrong way to insult someone else’s Martini.”



    If you want to tell people how to make a martini, then stop talking about vodka. A martini is made with GIN

  • chris

    been a long time since i’ve had/made a martini, but now you’ve made me miss them (even the original, with gin). something important to note is that you should twist the lemon peel (skin side down) over the poured cocktail. this releases oils from the lemon that enhances the flavor and aroma. i also prefer ketel…might have to do some martini-ing soon…

  • Mike

    It’s been a LONG time since I last watched a Bond movie, but I think in the movies he was ordering a martini, but in the books he was drinking a Vesper, an exceptionally strong and large drink and shaking it w/ ice made it much colder and with that much alcohol, a little watering down didn’t hurt.

    I don’t drink much at all but if I do drink hard liquor it’s a dirty, very dry* vodka martini, so the cloudiness is there already and I want it ice cold, so shaken is my preference. If you’re a host or bartender, you should always cater to your guest or customer’s desires. ( in drinks, at least)

    *Just a drop or two of vermouth or better, just wave the cork over the glass or even better yet, just whisper “vermouth” to the vodka.

  • Pam

    Glass on ice in the freezer since morning: fill full of ice, add 2 drops of vermouth to ice, add 3 small pimento-stuffed green olives, pour vodka over all. Cheers!