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  1. Annie

    Fabulous! Thanks for this recipe. Here’s my question:. Can it be cooked in a crock pot instead of the oven?

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  2. jpacula

    This recipe is awesome! Thank you.

    I am doing a party today and using the marinade recipe for pork and for bone in chicken leg and thigh.

    Here is my question: should I slow cook the chicken in the sauce like the pork and then grill it to crips it up? Or just use it as a marinade and then roast it without the liquid.

    What do you think?

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  3. Justine

    Is there a reason to cook the pork inside the foil, as opposed straight into a casserole dish that is covered with foil? Does it burn if you don’t wrap the entire thing in foil? Thanks.

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  4. Anna Finkenzeller

    Help! The grocery store where I always buy my achiote paste (i’ve made this a zillion times;o) closed and I could only find Achiote seeds. How do I make these work?
    Thanks!!!!! Marinating tomorrow so PLEASE lmk soon. thanks!

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  5. Vanessa

    Is it okay for this to stay in the crockpot longer than 10 hours? We are leaving early in the morning and coming home 12 hours later. I would love to have this waiting for us. I’ve made it before and it is so delicious. We love your site!


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