No ImageCoconut Curry Mussels

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  1. Ericka

    I’ve made these multiple times. Definitely a winner. Top recipe of mine now. Thank you!!


  2. steve

    Hi Elise,
    I have made this recipe a couple of times and everyone raves but I don’t understand one section of your directions. After adding the coconut milk and bringing to a boil you say “drain then add mussels” if I drain what am I adding the mussels to. I have always skipped this process but could you explain to me what I am possibly misunderstanding.

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  3. Nyna

    For anyone looking over the comments about curry, wet Thai paste curry versus the standard U.S. powder curry (such as Spice Islands brand): the two types of curry would make completely different taste profiles. I suggest you start with the powdered curry, which will give you a sweeter dish (which I would prefer with mussels) and then give the paste a try. I would suggest a red curry paste for this dish. So with Garrett’s recipe, you actually get two for the price of one! (If you try yellow, green, panang curries, you can multiply it further.) All of them will be wonderful.

  4. Yin

    Made this for dinner and it tasted great! Never had mussels before, it was a wonderful first try. The curry was a bit too mild for my Malaysian taste buds (extra spicy curries are a staple here!), so I’m upping the thai chili count to 3 instead of 1 next time. Thanks a bunch, Garrett and Elise!


  5. R.

    Hi, I was wondering about what curry powder you used? Yellow one?

    And by, “reduce half” you mean one should bring it to a boil, and allow to boil until it has reduced by half?


    Just use the yellow curry powder you see in the spice section of the store. Reduce by half means just that, yes. ~Garrett

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