No ImageCoconut Macaroons

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  1. Kay

    Can you sub sugar with monkfruit or stevia? If so,what is the ratio? I have store bought monkfruit. It says it’s 1:1 sugar substitute.

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  2. Selah

    This recipe was delicious. I improved with spreading melted chocolate on the bottoms after they cooled, and adding an almond to the top. My husband loved them.

  3. Jacinta

    What is the calories count.

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  4. Evie

    Yes, I have made them many times ;) –It’s I who shared the recipe with you! I just wanted to give credit to the true author of the recipe, Chef Alain Blanchard . The macaroons were part of a class that I took from him in 1998 at one of the Lenôtre patisseries.


  5. Miriam

    Does the applesauce make the macaroons taste fruity? Mine have just coconut, eggs, sugar, and vanilla, and they come out chewy on the inside, slightly crunchy on the outside.

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