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  1. Miriam

    Does the applesauce make the macaroons taste fruity? Mine have just coconut, eggs, sugar, and vanilla, and they come out chewy on the inside, slightly crunchy on the outside.

  2. Lisa Lyons

    Poor recipe. I’m not sure if the ingredients listed were wrong, or the oven temp was wrong. I followed it eggzactly, and got flat, watery, burned-egregious cookies. So now I wasted all my ingredients, and have nothing to take to my event tomorrow.

  3. Lindsay

    What is your recommendation on sugar if using sweetened coconut, as that is all we can find in numerous stores unfortunately?

    • Elise

      Honestly? I would look for a different recipe. There are plenty of recipes online for coconut macaroons that use sweetened coconut.

  4. KW

    I just made these today. Super easy and amazingly good! Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Yue

    Applesauce is an interesting idea! I always used sweet condensed milk to make coconut macaroons, but I gotta try using applesauce next time!

  6. Mallory

    I know, applesauce is such a miracle ingredient in baking! I’ve recently made nonfat ginger cookies and chewy oatmeal cookies, both of which use it. So much healthier yet taste and texture are not compromised.

  7. Judith

    I’m allergic to coconut but love almonds. Is it possible to substitute almonds for coconut? E.g., toasted almonds processed in the food processor (which are never powdered but always finely chopped)? Or some mixture of almond meal (from TJ’s) and chopped almonds?

    I think what you are looking for are amaretti cookies. Very similar, but with almond flour. ~Elise

  8. Kartik @ Bakeology 101

    I made these a couple of weeks ago and I love them. I ended up making them with a combination of toasted and untoasted coconut to give them an extra nutty flavor.

  9. Flourish & Fancy

    I so love these! Excellent!!!

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