No ImageCoconut Shrimp with Sweet Chili Mayo

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  1. Jeniece

    THIS RECIPE IS AMAZING! Yes, I had to capitalise that. The shrimp are so easy to munch on the the sweet chilli mayo is my new favourite condiment. I could not stop eating this! I will make this again and again!


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  2. Jeniece

    This recipe is the bomb! SO good! The sweet chill mayo is now one of my top favourite dipping sauces and the shrimp are just so, so good. I served it with healthier rice and broccoli to feel less terrible about the calories but trust me when I say that the flavour is worth it!


  3. rumgirl

    I made this tonight to go with my roasted tilapia and baby bok choy with a citrus sauce served over white rice. I used Pampered Chef’s spicy pineapple rum sauce to dip the shrimp in! We rarely fry anything but I thought I would make this as a special treat for the hubby tonight. I thought I made too much but somehow we devoured it all! This was a fantastic and easy recipe! Hubby wants me to make this for his mother!!! Thank you!


  4. Omeghan

    For me the trick in using Panko as a breading is to do all of the dipping, flour, eggs, panko, etc…..

    Then, place the dipped items to set up a bit or the Panko tends to fall off in frying. Set the Panko items, covered, in the fridge 1/2 hour to an hour, at least, and then return items to room temperature before cooking. (works for shrimp, chicken, etc)

    The Panko absorbs the moisture from the egg and sets up and adheres better to the “food”. Less loss of crunch when cooking !!!. Enjoy !

  5. Arielle

    WOW! I loved this recipe! The panko is so amazing. I had been making coconut shrimp with a beer batter and it was also good, but been wanting to try panko. I decided to combine 2 recipes. I used the beer batter and then dipped them in the coconut/panko mixture. It was delicious. I was very impressed with the dipping sauce! I usually use sweet chili sauce/pineapple/honey, but the mayo and chili sauce was so much better! Love IT !


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