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  1. Heather

    These are so good Perfect as written. Thank you for the recipe.


  2. molly fox

    A family favorite for leftover fish. Thanks Elise!


  3. Sara

    This was a fun recipe to use up leftover cod fillets from another night’s dinber. I’m creative with my breadcrumbs: I used 2/3 cup dried & baked chickpeas and 1/3 cup gold fish crackers. I also used the suggestion or recommendations to use mashed potatoes, plus 1/2 T. Old Bay Spice & 2 T veggie oil. It a delicious patty! Thanks!


  4. Brad Knecht

    I made your recipe with filleted bluegills and was applauded by family and friends. Thanks for sharing your expertise!

  5. Brian M. Juliano

    I’m getting ready to make codfish cakes,substituting the potatoe with turnips , I’ll let you know how the turned out, one other thing ,not fried but baked !freah herbs dill, curly parseley,lemon basil, wish me luck…

  6. Brian

    Tried this recipe with 6 walleye fillets 1 package Idaho roasted garlic potatoes no cheese dried parsley made lemon dill sauce awesome supper

  7. tom landshof

    I used a cup to form patties and then inverted on a platter

  8. gabbn

    The ingredients really come together nicely in this dish, but have you considered using tilapia fish instead of cod? Cod is on the Marine Conservation Society’s list of fish to avoid because it is widely overfished and inefficiently managed. Tilapia, however, is on the society’s “fish to eat” list and does not require wild fish to be caught to feed it. The society suggests that tilapia is a more sustainable alternative to cod and that its plain flavor allows it to easily absorb other flavors from a variety of herbs and spices. I tried this recipe with tilapia and it was just as tasty! Perhaps you could alter the recipe or at least note the option of using tilapia instead of cod, in order to promote more sustainable choices.

    • Geoffrey Grenfell

      Be very careful where the Tilapia comes from. It has been found to have been raised under chicken coops, and is a bottom feeder. As foe Cod , it is making a teriffic comeback on the east coast of Canada , and is under very stricked regulations. Only fished by using hand lines

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Gabbn, it all depends on what type of cod and where it was fished. Here in California, the rock cod we get is plentiful and sustainable. Tilapia is an inexpensive farmed fish, which is growing in popularity. Sometimes I find it a bit muddy tasting. The one thing you should know about tilapia is that it is high in Omega 6, not Omega 3, which can be problematic (Google tilapia and health), so just the way one limits eating tuna (because of mercury), one should limit eating tilapia.

  9. Olivia

    I made this and found the recipe to be imbalanced with the potatoes and breadcrumbs far outweighing the fish. It was like a bread-like potato cake with some bits of fish… If I make these in the future, I’d have to either halve the starches or double the fish. I also used garlic powder as it blended better (my grandmother doesn’t love bites of garlic) and 1 egg, two would have made it far too sticky & loose, but the taste was quite yummy otherwise.

  10. Debbie

    I really wanted this to work, love all the ingredients, most of the comments were encouraging and then….people are changing your recipe; was it because it didn’t work, are they doing it wrong or is it a cultural difference? I tried it because, in principle, I love all the ingredients…..however, it didn’t quite work for me. I can’t get russet potatoes as I live on a small island where these are not available so I changed the potatoes…and had to work out what weight those should be but that was my only improvisation. Which worked fine, no problem with the fish-potato ratio but, for my family, there was too much garlic, in fact, it drowned out all the other tastes. Which is impressive because I LOVE garlic having lived in France for 14 years! Will try again but will probably change the ratio of ingredients, and btw did not use all the eggs either…

  11. Erma Siteman

    Thank you for the site,
    How to freeze Codfish Cakes? What’s better, after cooking, or before cooking?

    • Mike

      Things that are soft I freeze for about 4 hours until firm the seal with a vacuum sealer. If you don’t freeze them first you end up with mush

  12. Pumpkins Mom

    Very tasty! I only had dried parsley on hand and I omitted the Parmesan cheese (lactose hubby) and it all turned out perfectly! Very easy recipe to follow and makes for a quick meal. I also made a side of green and yellow zucchini squash.

  13. Erma Siteman

    I am concerned about food sold in what appears like aluminu plates for meat pies, fruit pies ect. I thought aluminum was a no no decades ago for cooking. What else can we use for making home made mini pies. ?

  14. Treena Bouque

    My Mother was from Nova Scotia and she made great fish cakes with salt cod flakes which back then were made by Gorton, we went to the Gorton Fish Factory in Grey, ME in 1978 and my Mom met with the president of the company and he sent her a case of them but they had quit making the fish flakes a year or 2 before then….after my Mom passed away I made fish cakes until all of them were gone (2 years),..but have never seen them again…however if you want to make them get good Cod fillets, boil them in salted water for approx 8 mins and then you can flake them (just fork flake..very simple) and then you can make your own with a good herbed mashed potatoe and herbed bread crumbs and cook in a good high heat oil…they are delicious!!!!..

  15. vernaide shelton

    The only state that sells real cod fish cakes, about six to a box is Boston Md., run about $29.96 + $5.00 shipping. I have been on this run for five days looking for cod cakes, be careful by finding it in canned, I run into cat food cod fish canned.I hope this help my sisters and brothers out there looking for this item.
    Good hunting.

  16. Anju

    I made this recipe a second time tonight but changed things up a bit. Following the suggestion made by somebody else in the comments section, and using whatever ingredients I had in the kitchen, I substituted white roughy fish, sweet potato and cilantro. What I ended up with was the most amazing fish cakes I’ve ever tasted. Sweet, moist, not too fishy – just divine! Thank you!

  17. louise

    How long do we need to fry the cakes for please?

    Until nicely browned. ~Elise

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