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  1. Samuel Brown

    Whenever I use bourbon in ice cream I usually add it while I’m boiling the milk. It gives the alcohol a change to dissipate and keeps the ice cream former than been able to achieve adding where the recipe says. No one has ever noticed a taste difference. I do the same with vanilla extract as it is usually a higher percentage of alcohol than bourbon is.

  2. Lee

    We used four rounded scoops of ground coffee, then strained it thru a screen used for stooping bacon from spattering. Worked great! The little pieces of cooffee grounds left behind gave the ice cream the texture of natural vanilla. Also, used two tablespoons of Kaluha instead of Bourbon. The result was amazing!

  3. Zakopane_ski

    Delicious ice cream, cool recipe! Thanks!


  4. Tam

    My husband made this wonderful recipe this past weekend. It was time intensive but so worth it! Rich, buttery and the bourbon added a perfect note! The only change my husband said was that he would probably use a little less sugar. We loved it! Thank you!!


  5. Rachel

    LOL I found out the reason that you use whole coffee beans instead of grounds! If you use grounds, you won’t be able to get all of them out of the cream. I even tried using a coffee filter in my sieve but the cream was too thick to drain through. Next time I won’t be lazy and will go buy the whole beans haha!

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