No ImageCoffee Heath Bar Ice Cream

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  1. Melody

    What was the purpose of straining? I made it and didn’t strain any of it. I could find espresso powder so I put 2 more TBSP of instant coffee. Took it for a family July 4th gathering and everyone who tried it lived it and 2 wanted the recipe. My husband really likes it!


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  2. Lysa

    Would it be okay to, use half and half Instead of heavy whipping cream?

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  3. Kevin

    2 Observations:
    #1 You can buy Health bar bits in a bag.
    #2 Health bar bits in simple Vanilla is delicious. No need to do anything fancier than that.

    Note: I don’t make frozen custard (with the eggs). I don’t get “icy” ice cream and the egg step is a lot of work.

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  4. [email protected]

    I would need an extra Heath Bar to get me psyched up

  5. Greg

    How much does this make? My ice cream maker is a 1 or 2 quart, can’t remember which.

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