No ImageCoffee Ice Cream

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  1. Marianne

    I made this and MAN is it good! It’s a pretty strong coffee flavor – not mamby-pamby like store bought. It stayed VERY creamy even after a few days in the freezer. This is a keeper! I’m going to try adding some bourbon to it next time ;-)


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  2. Shoyo

    I wanna use this recipe and would like to give my grandma some but she can’t eat anything with egg yolks. Is it okay to omit the yolks or is there a substitute ingredient? Would appreciate the help! :)

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  3. Dan from Mass

    Awesome flavor. I used 8 O’clock and Starbucks medium coffee, both were big hits and can taste the difference in flavors. I didn’t change a thing, perfect recipe.


  4. Cristine

    This turned out luscious!


  5. Mo

    Can I make this with ground coffee instead of beans? I can’t find decaf beans near me.

    If so, would I steep for same time and use same amount?

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