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  1. Jessica

    In Holland we call this stampot boerenkool (kale). We also add small pieces of bacon. A good healthy meal on a cold winter day

  2. Barb Ivory

    I change the green onion to roasted garlic. 2 bulbs cut off top roasted whole with oil in tin foil 1 hour at 350 degrees Then squeeze out yumminess.

  3. terina

    sounds lovely but surely it couldnt be that much salt

    • Nee

      Terina, That 2 TB of salt is added to the Boiling Water. The water is poured off. It adds little salt to the ingredients. In fact, salt (and Pepper ) will need to be added t the Potatoes as they are mashed and folded with the other ingredients. Nee

  4. Boston

    I decided to go the healthy way : 4Tbsp of butter was more than enough to cook the greens, and i didn’t have milk or cream at hand, so i saved a bit of the cooking water for the patotoes, drained the rest, sprinkled them with dried parsley and chives and then poured back about half a cup of cooled potato water while mashing them up. This is the traditional way to mash potatoes, to get the real, genuine potato taste. Ask a french cook! Of course, he’ll say you need to add in some fat, butter or oil, but you have the greens that you sauté’d in with… Just Add ‘Em Up And Voila! Mine were perfect like so. A touch of spice-infused oil when serving would be nice too. This is good for people alergic or intolerant to milk and/or nuts. Another tip : while cooking your cabbage/kale, sprinkling over some lemon juice or vinegar will help your stomach digest it, plus it gives a bit of a tangy taste to the meal. Adding a bit of ground cumin makes it extra special! …And so on!

  5. Franny D

    This recipe is a keeper. I slowly sauté sliced regular yellow onions along with the cabbage til caramalized. Mixed with mashed potatoes it’s Devine!


  6. Rev. RB

    Most traditional Colcannon recipe I’ve found – truly luscious. Many others I found added bacon or ham when the poor Irish that ate this wouldn’t have had either.


    • Irene obrien

      My mum would add the cabbage to the boiled bacon water at the last min . Mash would have the spring onions milk and she would crack a raw egg into the mash black pepper .. st Patrick day special boiled bacon & cabbage mash

    • Elise Bauer

      I’m so glad you liked it!

  7. Rachel

    I made these for our St. Patrick’s day meal. They were a big hit! I followed the recipe exactly. They were pretty easy to make and very tastey. I used Irish butter to make it extra special. Highly recommend.


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Rachel, Irish butter makes everything taste better, doesn’t it? So glad you liked the colcannon.

  8. Donna Mitchell

    Too funny..Without even knowing I have been making a traditional Irish dish for years…kale and mashed potatoes.. My boys love it ! I am of Irish descent but had no one to turn to for recipes..must be in my blood !! Haha

  9. melpy

    Made this twice. It is a great recipe. Tonight I had both kale and collard greens that I wanted to use up and the combination was great.


  10. SylverWinged

    I made a single batch of this yesterday, tasted it, and immediately went to the store to get ingredients for a second batch. So. Good. I used heavy cream instead of milk. How did I ever live without this?!

  11. sueb

    It’s not traditional; but I make Colcannon and then add crumbled cooked breakfast sausage to it…my family, including my very finicky son, can’t get enough of it!

  12. Ann Marie

    I just happened to have all the ingredients (including Kerrygold Irish Butter) on hand. This was awesome! And so easy to make. Thank you!


  13. Laura S.

    This is my favorite dish and I look forward to it every year! My dad makes it with cabbage and adds cut up corned beef to it; it’s absolutely fabulous!

  14. Ocean Blue

    Otherwise known as Rumbledethumps …

  15. Silverthyme

    My great grandmother from County Down always made this with baked potatoes and spinach … and so do I!

  16. Maura

    Being Diabetic I cant eat potatoes..Bummer..SO Im going to use my cauliflower mash for this recipe ..Cant wait to try it

    • William McCoy

      Being diabetic shouldn’t keep you from eating potatoes unless you’re allergic to them.. I’m a Type I diabetic using insulin for 50 years and counting. You DO have to learn to count the carbs in anything you eat.

  17. caldwell1932

    My grandmother always made this with either leftover corned beef or ham. So yummy!!

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