No ImageColcannon Cakes

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  1. Kelly

    Had some leftover colcannon, so i made colcannon cakes the other day… my recipe is pretty much like this but i add a little cornmeal. Delicious! :)

  2. Paddy O'Furniture

    Bin’ atin’ dees all me loif! Troi addin’ pickled cream (sour cream) ‘stead o’ milk. Sarve wid a generous dollop o’ sweet budder an’ a fine greezy banger. Jaysus… Now dat’s breakfast!

  3. Cake Michaels

    These are not only delicious but pretty healthy as well. And guess what, I got my son to eat it, so it means it is good!


  4. KariVery

    I tried to make these without frying them in oil (I used cooking spray on my non-stick griddle) and they did not turn out at all :-/ Next time I will definitely go full-fat and use a frying pan!

  5. Elizabeth

    I always make a huuuuuge batch of colcannon JUST so we can make these!

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