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  1. Margaret

    The first time I made this I added extra leeks which made it perfect for my tastes. After a few friends tried it I received suggestions to add bacon, yum, and green chili, it’s a common suggestion to every recipe in New Mexico, and now it’s perfect. Thank you so much!


  2. Brenda Rose

    could you do this in the crockpot?

  3. Krystle

    This recipe has a lot of promise, but it failed due to my mistakes! The most important mistake was the leeks. I reviewed how to clean them, and I rinsed them well before cutting, then diced them, then put them in the strainer and ran that under water for about a minute. There was never any visible dirt at all like you see on other kinds of produce, so I thought I had it all and proceeded to make the soup. Alas, the soup is gritty, I assume from leek grit. I ate some and am a little worried that it may have been unsafe to eat. The flavor, though, was on point…. Lesson learned! Bathe your leeks! Don’t skip that step!

  4. Cynthia Taylor

    I found your recipe from a search of all the major ingredients– I love the internet of recipes! I have just made it, & it is delicious! I think it’s lovely, not ugly (even though my curly purple kale cooked to an uglier color). I made 3 changes: I used garlic salt for half the salt, I added a can of drained white beans, pureed, instead of cream (to give it enough protein to make it a one-dish meal), & I added 1/4 cup of fresh-squeezed lemon juice, which added a little brightness. It’s a wonderful, basic comfort food staple I know I will make again. I do agree with those who suggest mushing the potatoes; I don’t feel their texture as chunks adds to the mouth feel as well. Thanks for a classic!

  5. Hanaa

    I made the soup I love it, next time I’ll put less potato!

  6. Lisa Lemberger

    This week my CSA vegetable share gave me 2 lbs of potatoes (still had potatoes from last share), plus kale, leeks and a head of cabbage. I put those four ingredients into the search engine and this recipe came up on page 1 of google. I subscribe to Simply Recipes so when I saw Elise’s recipe I knew it would be good. Made it exactly as described except at the end used a spoon to mash the potatoes against the side of the pot. This is a winner, and the perfect recipe for an October CSA!

  7. Julie

    The 2 pictures of the finished product look very different. The second looks creamier and a little puréed. Do you purée it a little?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Julie, no, nothing’s different. You could purée the soup a bit if you wanted to though.

  8. Peggy P

    After every St. Patrick’s Day Nanny (my Irish grandmother) would take all the leftover cabbage and potatoes and fry them up in a big skillet with plenty of butter. She called this “Bubble and Squeak”. I looked forward to this side dish every year, even more so than the corned beef dinner we’d have the night before!

  9. Kathleen

    I made this almost exactly as written and it was wonderfully delicious! I tend to keep things low on salt so I reduced the salt to 2 teaspoons and it was perfect. The first bite of this soup was wonderful, buttery potatoey with good greens. Thank for the recipe!


  10. Patricia

    Just make this soup and it was great. I add the corredt slat and puree half of the soup for a thick creamy soup without all the cream.

  11. Lise

    Found your recipe through Pinterest yesterday, made it last night, and took it in a thermos on a chilly-morning hike today. It was perfect! Both toddler and mama approved. Thank you so much!

  12. Meg

    Hi Elise!

    I was hoping to try this in the crock pot, since I’m juggling work and school. Do you have any suggestions? It will need to cook for about 7 hours, so I was thinking of putting in all the veggies and leaving out the cream and kale until the end.

    • Elise

      Hi Meg, I haven’t tried making it in a crockpot so don’t know what to tell you. If you try it that way, please let us know how it turns out for you!

      • Meg

        It turned out great! I added everything except the kale and cream, set the slow cooker to high. When I got home (about 3 hours?) I added the kale and let it go for another 30 minutes, then added the cream. Delicious!

  13. Cyndi

    My husband made this soup for dinner tonight. It was fabulous! He only made a couple of small changes: added 5 slices of bacon chopped up, browned and used the small amount of fat from the bacon (it was pretty lean, as bacon goes) to cook the veggies in instead of butter. We didn’t have quite enough potatoes, so at the end he added some potato flakes that we had, this thickened it up a bit and added to the creaminess factor.

    This received a resounding tumbs-up from my family :) Will definitely be adding this to our favorites list.

  14. Kathryn R.

    I am,because of all the negative publicity sparse with the salt..but my soup surely needed a spicey oomph..and look to it..What would be so nice would be to prepare it with you right there..that would be a gift for me.. There are so many written successes`with this soup recipe that I must have missed something truly important!?? I am a good cook apparently but have had some difficult situations lately and this was my outlet to prepare the soup and the banana loaf as a nice and rewarding distraction for me!! There was a’ missing link’ somewhere in all this effort of mine!??
    I thank you for your replies and wonderful advice…
    I am most appreciative..
    Kathryn R.

  15. Kathyryn R

    Thank you so very much Elise..I used hardly any carrots` and lots of butter and then was not as tasty as all made out..I had to use black pepper as no white in house?? Most likely it was the chef here???It is a bit discouraging though!!
    I only wish I had a solution!!

    • Elise

      Hi Kathryn, the usual culprit when a dish loaded with potatoes isn’t as tasty as you want or expect it to be, is SALT. Potatoes need a LOT of it. So, if you still have some of the soup. Just add more salt, tasting of course as you add so you don’t overdo it.

  16. Steve

    Hi Elise! Your site is one of my go tos for recipes I know will turn out delicious. Saw this one and had to try it. Not disappointed in the least! Also fried up some chopped bacon for a crispy garnish on top. My dinner guest loved the soup as well. Thank you for sharing the recipe!!

  17. Ruby

    Very tasty.. I am going to make it again tomorrow and freeze without the cream in it.. Do you have any suggestions on freezing?

    • Elise

      I have not yet tried freezing this soup. If anyone else has, please chime in!

      • Ruby

        Just getting back to let you know that the soup freezes well. I left out the cream and took it off the heat before the potatoes were fully cooked. Then after it cooled down I froze it. We just had it today and still yummy added the cream today.

      • Kathryn R.

        I tried freezing and it worked but please tell me why my soup did not resemble the colour of your soup..I did keep part of the skins of the potato on but really it looked gloomy and not the least bit interesting????I had onion,kale,small bit of leeks,and small bok choi,and a very few bit of carrots plus seasoning..but it never looked as yours` Elise????! I am dismayed after reading all the raves??! I wished and thought I would have a creamy look and I did add rich cream too…

        • Elise

          Hi Kathryn, hmm, well honestly the soup is not all that attractive to begin with. It’s challenging! White soup with green bits. By adding carrots to the recipe you introduced some orange and also the potato skins, those would be light brown. I’m guessing those additions did not help with the aesthetics of the soup! They would steer the primarily white and green flecked soup towards brown and dull. That said, the most important thing is how did it taste?

  18. Doug Armstrong

    I made your soup two weekends ago, I loved it, my wife lover and my sister-in-law loved. It was even better several days later. It was my first use of kale, the flavor was a welcome addition. Thank you for the introduction. I posted pictures and credit to your site on the cooking group I belong to here in Grand Rapids, Mi. “What’s Cooking GR”

  19. Britt

    Absolutely wonderful! I used black pepper instead of white pepper and it was still amazing. Another home run!

    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked it Britt!

  20. Meredith

    This was absolutely delicious; had it last night for dinner. I used spinach instead of kale. I think next time I might add a few carrots for color and kick it up a notch with some bacon…mmmm!


  21. Joan in VA

    Is there a substitute for the KALE? The soup sounds very good, but I have a problem digesting kale.

    • Elise

      You can use chard or spinach.

      • Joan in VA

        Thank you … I thought about spinach, but wasn’t sure it would work.

  22. Eugeniakukla

    Elise: Another great recipe. Made it as stated and can hardly wait for lunch tomorrow.
    Thank you

  23. Simona

    Hey there! I just found a way to up the “pretty” factor a notch. I used purple cabbage I had in the fridge instead buying the green. Wonderful! Thanks.


  24. Glenda Sullivan

    This is what we are having for supper tonight here in southeast Texas. I substituted turnip greens for the kale because that’s what I had and it’s yummy!


  25. Linda

    Excellent as usual! I made this for dinner last night exactly as written. It was so warm and comforting as I watched the icicles re-freeze. Thank you, Elise.


  26. Todd

    About half of my regular rotation recipes are from this site, and after trying this one for dinner on a cold, snowy evening here in Colorado (18 new inches of the fluffy stuff and 6 on the thermometer) it will be added to the list.

    As is the norm around here, when doing a soup with potatoes in it I started with a half dozen slices of bacon, chopped, and browned. After pulling the cooked bacon I then added the butter right to the bacon drippings and followed the recipe from there. At the end we added a bit of grated apple-smoked gouda along with the bacon to the serving bowls. All four of us gave it a strong thumbs up. Any recipe that can get both a 13 and an 11 year old boy to happily eat kale is a good one.


    • Elise

      Hi Todd, I’m so glad you and the boys liked it! And of course I love the additions of bacon and smoked gouda, yum.

  27. alice

    I made this today, and took it to my parents. Now, I am going to have to make my own pot. This is so delish!

    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked it Alice!

  28. juliana

    Oh. My. You weren’t kidding when you said this was the best potato soup! I was skeptical and made it (my meals are driven by my CSA box and I’ve always wanted to try your Colcannon). I am so very glad I did! This is AMAZING!

    • Elise

      Hi Juliana, it IS good isn’t it? Makes for great leftovers too. I’ve been working on the last batch I made for several days, just taking a bowl for lunch one day, a bowl for dinner the next. I’m glad you liked it too!

  29. Michelle

    Yum. So I have to admit this post looked so yummy, but since I didn’t really have the ingredients on hand, except for the potatoes, I used it to guide how much of what I did have to add. I used about a cup of frozen garden kale, cup and half of chopped celery, a cup of onion, and cup of frozen spinach. Followed the rest of the recipe, except to also add ham at the last step, and stir in sour cream (had on hand) instead of heavy cream. So it might not be at all a colcannon, but it still spoke to my Irish taste buds. Thanks for the inspiration Elise.
    Your recipes are my go-to, whether I follow to a t or only use as inspiration, I have to say that your recipe, along with readers’ comments make my dinner prep for my family go so smoothly. :)

  30. LaWanda

    This sounds so inviting on a cold and windy day like today. I have everything except the kale, and going out is not an option. Could I substitute fresh or frozen spinach instead? I am another fan of yours and always get excited when I see your e-mails. Many thanks.

    • Elise

      Sure, frozen spinach will work fine!

  31. L.D. Meyer

    I make something close to his when I make corned beef n’ cabbage in my crockpot for St. Pat’s, when all th bisket is gone I add more cabbage, onions, celery, potatos and carrots to the broth and get some extra mileage out of the original recipe. I’m a real tightwad, “Use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without” Bon Appetite, your frugal chef on the western plains. L.D.

    • Elise

      Oh my gosh L.D., “use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without” is my favorite Yankee motto! A saying taught to my by a Massachusetts friend who explained to me why her mother stacked almost used up soap bars on top of each other, so they would bond to each other and nothing would go to waste. Love it. :-)

      • L.D.

        Here’s another saying “Watch the nickels n’ dimes and the dollars will take care of themselves” this not only applies to money if you think about it, it applies to almost all things in life. Stomp out those small fires before the whole place burns down. I was thinking “use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without” came out of the” Depression Era”, there were some good things that come out of that trying time in America, it’s amazing sometimes when hard times get our creative juices flowing. Gotta run, Martha Stewart is after me for overloading my cinnamon rolls again! L.D. Your wacky western plains makeshift chef.

  32. Arthur in the Garden!


  33. Dave

    Love your soups (and many other recipes!). I cooked your Carrot Ginger Soup last week. I’m thinking of doing the Colcannon for the St. Patrick’s Day feast I put on. Great instructions. Love your anecdotes as well. Your website is so much more! Thanks so much.

  34. cecilia buyswheeler gunther

    Oh yes! We grow a lot of kale so eat Colcannon frequently (and variations there-of) .. what en excellent idea to make that a soup. Have a glorious day!.. c

  35. Jim

    Elise, if one wished to add a meat protein to something like this would you have any suggestions? I was going to clam chowder today but this now has my interest – I’m sure it does not need anything but I thought I would ask – bacon crumbled on top? Just thinking out loud….

    • Elise

      Hi Jim, bacon would be great with this!

      • Jim

        Follow-up: Made this today exactly as prescribed. Wonderful. The approved little addition of bacon crumbles satisfied that need. Posted on FB your website as source, with a note that I added too much kale (not really a problem), but if one needs to make this a “green-St. Paddy’s Day-concoction” please use 2 “packed” cups of kale more finely chopped – oh, also a half small yellow onion if you, like we, desire to kick in the onion taste a bit more. You may also increase white pepper if you need that extra back-end flavor. Thanks Elise, another gem!

  36. michelle

    thank you elise for your prompt reply. it’s much appreciated. I always have yellow onions on hand. here we go!

  37. michelle

    do you have any suggestions for a substitution for leeks? regular onion and in what quantity? I try to use what’s on hand and have everything else. thanks for your input.

    • Elise

      Hi Michelle, I would use 1 1/2 cups of chopped yellow onions if I didn’t have access to leeks.

  38. Shinee

    No, never had colcannon. But I love anything with potato! I made your potato cheddar guinness soup last year, and it was great. Can’t wait to try this one now. Yum!

  39. Renee

    I used to live near Buffalo and know just how cold it can be there! :)

    Elise, I have made your Colcannon before and loved it. This soup is a great idea! Last night, I made your Creamy Celery Soup which was a big hit!!

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