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  1. Shirley

    Almost spot on except I always use some finely diced celery and occasionally some cucumber and bell pepper. I don’t use carrots as they are a mess to shred and they stain. In addition I use a combination of mayo and sour cream and I add just a bit of sugar to offset the vinegar. Last of all my secret ingredient is celery seed.

  2. John Meyer

    I’ve spent decades trying to come up with the “ultimate” (for me) coleslaw recipe and darned if I didn’t end up with almost exactly what you have described. The only differences are that I add a little sugar and a little celery seed.

    I’m glad to see you omitted any salt. Too many recipes call for this and, of course, you end up with wilted, mushy slaw.

    I’m going to try your recipe to see if I like the proportions better than what I created.

    BTW, I’d love to see a short video showing what you describe for slicing the slaw. I’ve done it so many different ways, but never feel I am getting the right results. It “eats fine,” but sometimes I have too many small bits, and other times I have strands that are too long. One of the big problems is dealing with the outer, green leaves. I don’t want to throw them away, but when I slice them, especially if I use the mandolin, their shape is quite different from the inner, harder portion.

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  3. CATHY

    This recipe is wonderful and it is what coleslaw is! All the variations sound nice but then they are not coleslaw. They are just different cabbage salad recipes. These comments are to review this recipe not print your own. This recipe is terrific. Thanks


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  4. Bill

    Can’t agree with yellow mustard being Dijon with turmeric. Try Coleman’s English mustard. You will see the difference.

  5. John

    I added some chilli, celery salt, and lemon instead of vinegar.your slaw is amazing,

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