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  1. John

    I added some chilli, celery salt, and lemon instead of vinegar.your slaw is amazing,

  2. Brian

    for a festive meal, classic coleslaw mixed with bay shrimp. Excellent side to a turkey dinner

  3. Sandy S

    Thumbs up on this classic Coleslaw recipe! It will be made again and again. I like many of the other ideas people have mentioned above and will try some of them, too. But, for ‘everyday coleslaw’ this is a winner! If I have cabbage, a carrot and a couple of green onions I will always be good to go, as I usually have the other ingredients on hand. Adding mustard or green onions to coleslaw is new to me but I do like them in this recipe! Really, it’s very good!


  4. Sky North

    Great, and other people’s recipes in the comments section look fab too. but you have the origin wrong, it is indeed from the Dutch but while you have “kool” right, for “cabbage”, in fact “sla” does NOT mean “salad”, it means “lettuce”! The original is “koolsalade” (it was simply shortened by the americans) and this is what you ask for in the Netherlands. Incidentally, while you can make coleslaw without mayo, and in fact Dutch coleslaw rarely has much if any mayo, you can’t make it without cabbage, as some people seem to. Raw cabbage is very healthy; in Germany they eat it almost daily. It has the same active ingredient as paracetamol, so if you want to avoid stress headaches, eat a portion of raw cabbage each day.
    My version is red and green cabbage (or even shredded Brussel sprouts), red onion, spring onions, thinly sliced carrots, halved cherry tomatoes and thinly cut and sliced red and green pepper, and finely chopped parsley, salt and lots of black pepper; all in a lemon, vinegar, oil and herb dressing. Occasionally with grated cheese and a tiny dash of mayo for sandwiches.

  5. sambacani

    Sam Bacani coolslaw filipino style.mayo,mustard,pineapple,japanese raddish (takuan) yellow.cabbage,carots,salt to taste,pepper,raisins,onion,and garlic powder.

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