No ImageConfetti Cucumber Salsa

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  1. Matt

    There’s another great way to use up cucumbers. If you slice them as thinly as possible, mix with sugar and a touch of salt and leave for a few hours you’ll end up with an amazing cucumber sugar syrup which is fabulous in cocktails or even turned into a sorbet!

  2. Derek the Zen Chef

    I like to out little cucumber chunks in my guacamole as well, to add some fresh crunch to it.

  3. Donna

    I’m wondering if this recipe can be canned.

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  4. Asami

    Not a big fan of bell peppers, can I sub carrots for colour? Anything else?

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  5. Sues

    Love this idea for a unique salad! I agree with Chris that lime juice on this would be awesome, too.

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