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  1. Vaughn

    The baked corned beef recipe is fantastic. Any suggestion for how adapt the cooking time for larger sized cut (5-6 lbs.)?


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  2. Michelle

    Oh my goodness…imagine a 1950’s move where the Handsome Man and Beautiful Lady are sitting in bed together under the covers, smiling and having a cigarette together….total satisfaction!

    I made 4 corned beef roasts totalling 12 pounds today….followed the oven recipe exactly. I did put the beef in water twice, howver I did not let it get to a boil. The second water, I added the spices included with the beef, and after it got to a near-boil, took it off the stove for about an hour.

    Topped with whole cloves, Inglehoffer hot, spicy, honey mustard and brown sugar. I placed ALL 4 roasts in two separate foil packets but used One large rectangular shaped pan with 4 ” sides. Perfect size for all 4 roasts. All roasts were nearly identical in height thoug they ranged in weight up to 1/2 pound difference….the pan kept them “touching” and even. Baked at 350 degrees for 2 hours, checked, and baked another 20 minutes at 300 degrees. Broiled on high for 3 minutes. Took out of the oven and let rest for about 30 minutes while I made the sauteed cabbage.

    Well, PERFECT!!!!! The meat is a perfect deep pink/red color. It is so tender my electric knife cut perfectly, but the meat just separated into beautiful juicy pieces as I moved it to a platter. SO TENDER.

    Overall, this dish is fabulous, very mouth satisfying, and has a surprise of sweetness in the bites from the top..

    So, I’m not sure what the 2019 equivalent of a cigarette after a 1950’s bed smile is…..but that is EXACTLY where I am now after this awesome meal!

    Thank you Elise Bauer!


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  3. KC

    Baked it I didn’t boil it first just put it in the aluminum pan with the rest of ingredients covered it with foil. Baked it at 350 for about 3 hours checking it after 2. I made 4 – 3 lbs briskets in 2 pans. Delicious everyone loved it. It was Not too salty. I also did the sautéed cabbage. And then boiled the carrots, potatoes and onion in another pan.


  4. Hejin Haussmann

    This is definitely going in the books. This was my first time making this dish, and after reading reviews, I was a little nervous it wouldn’t turn out good. I followed the instructions exactly. I wasn’t sure how long to boil the corned beef so I removed the water as soon as it reached a boil. I did this twice. Next time I’ll boil a bit longer as other reviews suggest 7-10 mins. The meat still has a lot of flavor and is still salty so boiling it really helps. I served this with sautaeed cabbage which came out delicious! The carmelized onions were a nice touch.


  5. Angie

    Love this baked recipe. But I did boil the meat for five minutes , drained and replaced the water, added the spice packet to the water, for extra flavor, and boiled for one hour, so it isn’t too salty, like last year. Every year I would have to add more boiling times. Up to 3 changes for 5 minutes each time. This year I’m trying something new. Everything else is the same. The best corned beef ever


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