No ImageCouscous with Pistachios and Apricots

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  1. Amy

    Made this today! It’s so yummy. Not really a fan of apricots,but tasted good in the recipe.


  2. Shirley

    I once tried the boxed couscous after tasting the Israeli couscous. Wow, I’d never buy the boxed stuff again. The taste difference is amazing with that nutty and chewy flavor. The only preparation difference is that you cook the Israeli couscous a little longer. It is now available in most grocery stores and I love the larger little pearls. I use it in salads where I first encountered it in a huge store in Houston, TX.

  3. Rachel Frantz

    I would substitute the pistachios with sunflower and/or sesame seeds and the apricots with ground lamb and/or beef (or small cubes) sautéed in garlic oil with black pepper and cumin. I would reduce the salt to 1/4 teaspoon. I would also brown half a small yellow onion in butter in the pan I before adding the water for the couscous. Serve the meat over the couscous.

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  4. Chantel

    Elise, do you chop up your pistachios for this dish? Or just leave them whole?

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  5. Jennifer

    I made this last night and used a wild rice blend instead of couscous. I’ve been making couscous so much lately that I thought I’d use rice to give myself a break. I also didn’t have any harissa. But the recipe was wonderful anyway! The apricots play nicely with the salty pistachios.

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