No ImageDungeness Crab Cakes

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  1. Sharon

    I had some left over crab meat from last night, and improvised your recipe. Quite yummy, even with no other chutney or dipping sauce. Thanks!


  2. Sanae

    I made your crab cakes tonight and my family loved it! My husband thanked for making such a special dish! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I love your recipes!!! I made your shrimp scampi recipes too and everyone loved it too!


  3. Noi

    Is the lump crabmeat supposed to be cooked or raw?

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  4. crabcakesearcher

    These crab cakes are divine.


  5. Adel Antado

    I followed your recipy, but didn’t use all the powered ingredients and substituted the crab with canned salmon, and it tuurned out great. Seems to me that any cooked fish mixed with crackers, egg, salt and pepper quckly fried in butter will turn out great. Next week, i’ll try canned tuna and not tell my guests. After a glass or two of wine no cares any way.

    I recommend trying our tuna patties recipe. ~Elise

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