No ImageCrab Fondue

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  1. Christina Bell

    I made the fondue for my husband and two guests. Unfortunetly, no one liked it, including me and we all love crab. thank for the idea though :)

  2. justme

    Yum! I added some leftover mascarpone to the cream cheese to make 18 ounces. I left the sugar/ cornstarch out. I used sherry and a bit more Old Bay. I also added some white pepper. Served with steamed asparagus and toasted ciabatta cubes. My husband is in heaven ;) Perfect night in! Thank you for another great recipe!

  3. Katie

    I just made this…OH MY!
    I keep telling myself “Katie..there are 3 packages of cream cheese, AND mayo in this..step away.” Of course it doesn’t work. AMAZING! I would make this again in a heart beat!


  4. Pam

    Does anyone remember the crab fondue that was served at the now defunct Rugby’s Restaurant chain? They served it with french bread and apple slices. I have searched the internet in vain unable to even find anything to do with Rugby’s. It’s like they never existed. I don’t know if they were a national chain or just here in Ohio. I’ve dreamt of enjoying their version for many years, so I’m hoping to find the recipe. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Kristi

    My in-laws are coming over for dinner this weekend, and I’m planning to make this – yum! I know this is ridiculous given the small amount called for in the recipe, but I have a total aversion to mayo, so the idea of including it is giving me a slight case of the heebies (though I’m sure I’d scarf down the fondue if I didn’t know mayo was an ingredient). Can you think of a reasonable substitute that I could try? I’m having trouble coming up with something, as I’m not quite sure what function the mayo serves. Would goat cheese work? Or should I just suck it up and include the mayo? Thanks as always for the great recipes and tips!

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