No ImageCrab Salad with Pear and Hazelnuts

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  1. Ladybug

    This looks so good especially with the pear. YUM! Is it better to use fresh crab meat from the shell or can you get the same results from the can? I want to start getting into making crab, lobster, and shrimp dishes but I’m not quite sure what’s tastier.

    Fresh crab will be tastier, but it’s a lot more expensive than canned crab. Canned crab is good too. ~Elise

  2. deborah

    All time favorite! Everytime I make it people want to know where I found the recipe, so glad your web site is so easy to remember! Have a few vegies in the family so I always make it and hold the crab on the side until they’ve dished up then add the crab for the carnivores. Living in Portland, OR all the ingredients are local and pretty much affordable.


  3. Eric

    I made this recipe for my cousins baby shower and everyone loved it. It looks and tastes so elegant and easy to present. I served in on croissants and everyone loved it!


  4. twinky

    Im confused, do you serve the crab meat raw? Because it doesn’t mention anything about cooking the crab?

    Lump crab meat is sold already cooked. ~Elise

  5. Crystal

    I took advantage of a local crab sale today and needed a recipe! I used this recipe and oh my goodness…so decadent, it was like dessert! Loved this Elise! Thank you!

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