No ImageCranberry Apple Sangria

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  1. Mary

    This looks delicious. I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner with some relatives that don’t drink alcohol for various reasons. Any idea how this would taste without the wine or other suggestions for non alcoholic fruit drinks? Thanks!

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  2. Alicia

    Made this for Thanksgiving 2018. Ended up making a double recipe in a glass 1 gallon jar, 2 days before Thanksgiving, keeping it in the garage since it was cold enough. 13 at dinner, 6 adults, and we adults were TOASTED before dinner and giggling fools. So tasty and different and perfect with dinner. The mascerated fruit was taken home as leftovers. I used a Merlot and an Italian orange brandy. Since it wasn’t available I used a healthy splash of vanilla extract for the vanilla bean. Will make it again for Thanksgiving 2019.


  3. Karen

    Would Aperol work do you think?

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  4. Gayle

    Just prepared the sangria tonight to let it steep until Thanksgiving Day. Looks gorgeous, smells like it’s the Holidays, and tastes good already. By Thursday it’ll be wonderful! Was going to post
    a photo of the sangria in my pitcher but couldn’t figure out how.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!!



  5. Rhonda @ Change In Seconds

    Making the recipe on the weekend!

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