No ImageCranberry Apple Stuffed Pork Loin

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  1. Linda

    This meal was delicious! Looks fancy and it was so easy!


  2. Reir

    This might just become a new family tradition for Christmas dinners. I flattened and salted the cut two days before cooking, and prepped it the night before. Since I could only find a tenderloin that was about 1.5 lbs, it didn’t roll up as nicely as the pictures here, but it worked out well regardless. I seared in a pan on high heat on all sides and then put it in the oven at 325 – the pork reached an internal temperature of 140F in 20-22 minutes or so. Highly recommend it, apples add a real nice flavor to the stuffing.


  3. Jodi

    Any idea what the carb content is?

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  4. R jackson

    This was delicious. My guests said it was a gourmet dish. I brined the pork in apple cider with some salt and sugar and fresh herbs, then followed the rest of recipe to a tee. I’m sure it still would have been great without this step.


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  5. Johndickison

    You need to broil to brown the top. And if you live north like Indiana for example. Your temp needs to be 400 and cook longer. I used a 4 lb loin.

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