No ImageCranberry Glazed Meatballs

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    Hi, can I make this ahead of time?

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  2. Diane

    I can’t get fresh cranberries, but I have a can of sauce. Could I just cook it down with the orange zest, vinegar, etc? I think the can has only cranberries and sugar. Or, I can get dried or juice. The recipe looks wonderful!

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  3. Chef Austin Savage

    Elise, What about making a puree out of the glaze to use 100% of it? Would it be too thick or should I just stick with the strained version? Also, is baking the meat balls a viable option as well?

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  4. Mae ... OTP in the ATL

    Elise or Emma, approximately how much glaze results from this recipe before it’s added to the meatballs? I would like to use the glaze atop other meats or even vegetables, but to do so, I must first know its yield.

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  5. Kamal

    We don’t get fresh cranberries here. Do u think I can sub dried cranberries and if so then what should the quantity be?

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