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  1. Meredith

    Hi Elise, I’m also a Stanford alumna, Class of ’74, living in SW France. I made this a few days ahead of time for Thanksgiving and it was excellent (unlike by stuffing or gravy!). My sister (Stanford ’69) was worried the pecans would be soft by Thanksgiving. I didn’t mind how they turned out–but if people want them more crunchy, you could suggest they wait to add the nuts until shortly before they serve the sauce. I wasn’t quite sure how much cinnamon and allspice to add. You might make a suggestion.


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  2. Shell Sells Florida Homes

    I made this with 1/2c OJ and 1/2 cup water then added some cinnamon at the end. Delicious! And so easy!


  3. Christopher

    I am going to add crystallized ginger and mandarin oranges with some orange zest

  4. Robert

    I make this recipe every year but use agave instead of sugar, so it is not as sweet and doesn’t spike one’s sugar level.


  5. Maria

    I made it and it was delicious!! Thank you so much for share it!!


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