No ImageCreamed Spinach with Bacon

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  1. Malebabo Khomoaleburu

    It looks delicious…


  2. Cindy

    It was absolutely amazing…this will always be my way of making spinach from now on .

  3. Betina

    Don’t have fresh spinach. Can canned spinach be used?

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  4. Lee

    Pretty good but needs a little tweaking. Better to brown the bacon more before adding onion and garlic; the bacon was not cooked to my liking but had to take it off because the onions were getting too dark. I would up picking up some of the fattier pieces out since they were still a bit rubbery. Would have been helpful if the recipe had specified *lean* bacon. Also, a cup of milk turned out to be a bit soupy; 1/2 or 3/4 cup would have done. Not bad overall but will make changes next time.

  5. Kristen Kennedy

    With a grilled steak, this meal rivals any you’ll find at a steak house. It’s so delicious you’ll forget how good it is for you!

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