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  1. karla

    I am an experienced cook, but I cannot figure out what I did wrong. The consistency is off, the closest thing that is of like consistency is applesauce, not the creaminess that I desired. If anyone has a possible suggestion I am willing to try the recipe again. The flavor is there, definitely more adult like. I really wanted this to work, I am making a seafood recipe and it calls for cream of celery soup. FYI, I pureed it long enough, so that is not the problem.


    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Karla, I’m using a high powered blender which really helps to make the soup smooth. With a regular blender or stick blender, you may need to take the extra step of pushing the soup through a sieve to get a smoother consistency.

    • Erin

      I’ve noticed that if milk boils it becomes the consistency of applesauce. My guess would be that the soup was hot enough to do this to the cream; try letting it cool some more before adding the cream.

  2. chris

    This soup was really good, will make again. Thanks for posting.

  3. Patricia

    Anne, I agree with you totally about the celery leaves! They have SO much flavor! I never toss them out. If I don’t have an immediate use I dry them,. They are great added to potato soup!

  4. Márcio

    Oh my god! Delicious! I want to eat it every day now!

  5. Brittney

    I’m eating this soup as I type and it is delicious! I made a vegan version by substituting veggie broth for chicken, olive oil for butter, and silken tofu for the cream. I can’t wait to share this with friends!

  6. jara

    I made this last night to rave reviews from the entire family. I made two changes- I omitted the cream and used about 2 cups of chickpeas instead of some of the celery. This made a filling and warming winter dinner.

  7. Anne

    I forgot to say, i also lopped the leafy top off the bunch right down to the stalks….I find it gives a little more flavour….much better in the soup bowl than the compost bin.

  8. Anne

    Cooked it in canned coconut cream…yummy.

  9. Little Bits of Now

    I tried making this soup and it taste really nice! The soup itself is really creamy so that i find the cream is not necessary to be added. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Definitely will make this again!

  10. pam


    i got this soup mixed up with the other celery root & fennel soup so misread the ingredients

    so i used celery root instead + potato.
    i also had some pancetta that i did not want to waste, i sauteed pancetta & use the fat instead of butter.

    it was really good. pancetta makes it peppery

    i also used homemade chicken broth from chicken feet.
    (celery root is far from my favorite vegetable. cause very hard to cut; last time i did celery roots; i got tendonitis on my right arm & wrist after cutting like 3 of them; took a month to feel not achey)


  11. MDR

    I made this yesterday and was blown away by this beautiful soup. FYI, I didn’t have cream but found it was totally creamy enough without it and wouldn’t necessarily bother. I happened to have fresh bay leaves on hand and I honestly think it made such a difference. That fragrant, surprising strong bay leaf (I used just one to not overpower the soup) combined with the flavour of celery is the stuff made of dreams. Will definitely be making it again and often!

    • Elise

      Hi MDR, I’m so glad you liked it!

  12. Annemarie

    Does this freeze well?

    • Elise

      Hi Annemarie, I don’t know, I haven’t tried freezing it. But if you do, please let us know how it turns out for you!

    • Anne

      I make gallons of all sorts of soup and individually freeze in chinese food containers….I see nothing in this recipe that I haven’t previously frozen so I’ll give this a whirl….I cook nothing in small ammounts because as much as I love cooking, i also like to whip meals out of the freezer with no effort .

  13. Rob Wilson

    I was a little lazy so I used chicken noodle soup, I put all ingredients in the blender then added to chicken n/soup, plus I added some nutmeg. I didn’t remove the fibrous elements instead I put tablespoon of ice cream in each bowl to remove the bitterness. everyone loved it.

  14. Michael Mackin

    I made this soup tonight and it was fantastic. Very creamy and flavorful. I had celery from our CSA that looked a bit rustic and heavy duty and I was worried it would be too strong tasting but it ended up being fine. I did remove the strings from the celery before I made this which was a bit of work, but I think worth it. Definitely will be making this again.

  15. Rhea

    Hi Elise,
    It is nice to come across your beautiful and informative site. Just recently started following a low carb diet and I’m quite particular about the counts of carb I have to take per meal.
    You have the number of servings on each recipe but I don’t see the Nutrition Facts. Is there anyway I could I find out how many carbs there is per serving in each recipe.
    There are quite a bit of recipes that I would love to try. I would really
    appreciate it if you are able to help me out.

    Thank you for sharing your family recipes to the public.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Elise

      Hi Rhea, thank you for your kind words about the site! Regarding nutritional information, I simply do not have the time nor the expertise to provide it. You may be able to find some online resources to help you analyze the recipes if you need that information.

      • Carolynn

        My Fitness Pal is great for this.

  16. Sheila

    This is a WINNER! I was looking for a celery soup that didn’t use starchy thickeners like potatoes or flour. The flavor is delicious and the contrast between the silky puree and bits of braised celery is just lovely.

  17. Sarah

    I know I tend to be in the minority about cooked celery, but I love love love it! My nana has a nice baked celery recipe, so of course I am drawn to this soup and will be giving it a try very soon!

  18. Ayan

    What you mean cream? There is 1/3-1/4 cup cream, but I don’t know what kind of cream. It is my first time visiting this site. I was googling some chicken breast recipes and I thank Allah for finding this website. I found all kinds of chicken breast recipes and I want thank you for that. Thanks again

    • Elise

      Whipping cream. You can find it in the dairy section of the market, next to milk.

  19. Heather S.

    I made this recipe last night for dinner and everyone really loved this soup!
    Delicious, delicious, delicious! It is creamy (I used my Vitamix- worked perfectly) and flavorful but mild and not overpowering. Since my kids have a cold- this was a great staying-in, winter dinner. I will be making this again and sharing this recipe. The only change I made was using Olive Oil instead of butter. I also used homemade chicken stock which added to the flavor. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Elise

      I’m so glad you liked it Heather!

  20. just me

    It was delicious! Thank you :)

  21. Lauri

    We loved this! Thanks for a great inspiration.

  22. Chris S.

    This recipe doesn’t just look good; it IS good! My husband followed it exactly when making cream of celery soup for me this evening as a gift. It’s fabulous — light, yet extremely flavorful. I’m presently savoring the first two cups’ worth in my bowl and will definitely be tempted to have more.

    Incidentally, my husband DID use a stick blender, and yes, I’m sure there were bits that escaped treatment, but, because of the separate celery added toward the end that’s not blended anyway, any escapees weren’t noticeable at all. I, too, typically get soup all over the counter whenever pureeing using a regular blender. Consequently, I’ve switched 100% to a stick blender, even for my famous cream of asparagus soup. Good food is not incompatible with adapting one’s methods to new times! :)

    Thanks, Elise — magical, as always.


    • Chris S.

      P.S. My husband, who recently rejoined Weight Watchers, has just admitted that he left out the cream and instead added an entire can of evaporated skim milk. Might be worth trying, folks — it certainly fooled me! :)

    • Patricia

      Chris, I too have started using an immersion blender for these types of tasks! I am such a klutz and I hate the waste when I end up with my delicious soup all over the counter! SO much easier and you’re right who cares about the escapees who don’t get pureed!

  23. Mona

    Tried the recipe yesterday and it was a success! Delicious indeed! Will definitely make it again.


  24. Arcey

    It’s nice to add a knob of celery root to the mix. You can chunk it for the puree, and then add small dice for garnish or as part of the soup for texture. I would use a stick/wand blender on this, and then strain it if it’s fibrous (which it probably will be). Haven’t made cream of celery for awhile, so thanks for the reminder! It’s very good and very comforting.

    • Elise

      Great idea to add celery root, thank you Arcey!

  25. Sandy S

    MMMM! … This sounds just right! Especially with the leeks that you have included. And, what a pretty presentation!
    I need this recipe as I love celery but have never made cream of celery soup from scratch. I am so encouraged that I can ‘Just do it!’ with your pictures and instructions. Celery is sort of my ‘go to’ item when I’m dealing with a nagging appetite or need something quick. I use it to hold tuna salad, egg salad, and various soft cheeses to say nothing of peanut butter. Very satisfying without weighing me down. If the celery has gotten big and tough, I sometimes slice it very fine and add it to tuna salad or a cooked recipe.

  26. holunderlily

    This looks so delicious! I’ll definitely try it. If you love celery, try frying slices of celery root in a bread crumb/egg coat like a schnitzel, it’s great!! You’ll never want a real schnitzel again ;-)

    • Chris S.

      Your celery root schnitzel is a great idea — will definitely try that sometime. How lovely!

  27. Rebecca

    This looks heavenly! I look forward to making some this week. And no, I can’t imagine chicken soup without celery. I’m curious, however, how come you’re not suggesting an immersion blender for this. I’m always looking for recipes to use my SmartStick on, but I find that you often recommend a blender instead. What are your thoughts regarding blender vs immersion blender? The SmartStick is just so much more fun to use!

    • Elise

      Celery is rather fibrous, even when cooked, so it might be a bit difficult to get to the smooth purée you want with an immersion blender. If it works for you, great!

      • Courtney

        I ripped the ‘strings’ out of my celery before chopping and used an immersion blender to puree. More prep time on the front end (5-10 minutes for 5 cups worth), but worth it if you want to avoid the regular blender.

        For those of you who are fond of measuring ingredients by weight, I found that a cup of chopped celery weighs about 125 grams (a shade under 4.5 oz).

        Thanks for another great recipe, Elise!

        • Paul M.

          My perspective exactly, Courtney. I find the outer stringy part is where the bitter, fibrous elements are that can be conveniently discarded with a vegetable peeler. You’ll be surprised how much sweeter the soup can be if the outer convex layers of the stalks are peeled off.

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