No ImageCreamy Shrimp and Broccoli Fettuccine

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  1. Leslie

    I can’t wait to try this recipe out but I was wondering what type of white wine you recommend for cooking with this recipe.

    I usually use dry white wine when white wine is called for in cooking. A Sauvignon Blanc. ~Elise

  2. Marianne

    Can you substitute whole milk for the cream? I guess I tried it and the milk curdeled? Was it something else?

    Milk curdles a lot more easily than cream, so I’m guessing that that was the issue. ~Elise

  3. Via

    This is the 2nd recipe I have tried from here. I really liked it. I’ll be honest and say it was a little too bland, so I added spanish seasoning adobo and chicken cubito and “wala” perfect!

  4. Rae

    How does that brown rice pasta compare to something like a whole wheat pasta? I’ve been using whole wheat more and more for my family to try and be a bit healthier. I really like it, but my guys are still on the fence about it.

    Hi Rae, I don’t eat whole wheat pasta because I am sensitive to gluten and whole wheat pasta has even more gluten in it than regular pasta. I think you would find that whole wheat pasta is chewier and nuttier. Rice pasta is milder and softer. ~Elise

  5. diane smith

    This was a very delicious recipe. I made it last evening and my husband had nothing but good comments about it. Thanks.

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