No ImageCreamy Tomato and White Bean Soup

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  1. Jackeline

    It would be nice if you included calories, and just to pinpoint that you forgot to say when to incorporate the parmesan cheese. Great soup! I added garbanzo beans instead and baking soda to avoid the acidity. Thank you!


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    Just made the soup and the cheddar cheese sandwich for dinner tonight. Both turned out to be quite good! Thought the tomato soup may be too acidic for my stomach but the addition of the white beans helped with that. My son took the rest of the soup home along with a second sandwich! Oh well, there goes dinner tomorrow! Thank you Sally and Elise for sharing these wonderful recipes!

  3. Dr Lee Fudge

    I was seriously disappointed with this recipe. Maybe the word “creamy” in the title shaped my expectations. It was bland and watery. I ended up combining it 2:1 with a batch of Hungarian leek and potato soup that I had on hand just to give it some body. Still working on the spices to give it some punch. Will not be using it again.

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  4. Michele

    I’m wondering about the acidity of this dish. I frequently get a burning stomach when I eat “from scratch” tomato soup. Do I need to add baking soda to cut the acid or do the beans accomplish that? If baking soda is needed, how much?

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  5. Rachel

    This recipe was just in time as tomato season draws to a close in the midwest. The flavor is good but the soup was very watery. I will cut the water added down to three cups next time. My fresh basil is almost done for the summer. I chopped basil and added it to half of the soup at the end so that I would have the fresh basil in the middle of the winter.

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