No ImageCrispy Turkey Skin Bacon

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  1. JJ

    You are the spawn of Satan! This just isn’t fair!

  2. hotredcar

    Just used this recipe..20 mins for raw skin to cook and great new item to use for seasoning and snacking.


  3. Glitterati

    Sorry, what is this “leftover turkey skin” of which you speak? ;) But if I ever do have any leftover, I’ll definitely be crisping it up. (And then eating it straight!)

  4. laurie

    This is great…I do the same thing with Salmon on the BBQ. Start skin side down, then flip, peal off the skin and then crisp both sides. A little sea salt and yummy. Thanks

  5. Renee

    Very good idea! We love to eat the skin along with the turkey breast meat because of all the yummy herbs and spices that I put on it. However, I usually throw away whatever is left after cooking the meat off the carcass. This is a great way to use it instead! Thanks!!

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