No ImageCuban Sandwich (Cubano)

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  1. Yolanda

    Eating my ‘sandwiche cubano’ right now, very delicious!

  2. Ruthann

    This sounds absolutely wonderful. I’ve made Cubano sandwiches at home. I was also lucky enough to have one in Havana 3 years ago when a friend & I took a cruise down there. The bread was to die for. As was the sandwich. I just cut up a huge pork roast. I can see a Cubano in our future, soon.

  3. low and slow

    I have left over porchetta pork shoulder which was cooked to to a slice able roast,how about breaking out the meat slicer using that? How thick should it be sliced? Same as ham?

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  4. Lisa Swager

    I lived in Tampa for 6 years and had it all the ways you described. It’s all good. The foil knocks down the messiness with cheese, butter, and mustard going all over so it’s easier to clean the press later. Chicken MOJO? No, just don’t bother. It’s MOJO chicken, and probably really tasty, but not a cubano. I don’t recall ever seeing it even offered on menus and you have been talked about if you ever asked. Best advice if in Florida, tell them to make it the way they’d eat it. You’ll get all the variations.


  5. Susan Duffy

    Ciabatta rolls works great for Cubans, too, and they are readily available.


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