No ImageCucumber Mint Quinoa Salad

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  1. Louise

    Looking for quinoa salad with lemon, cukes, red onion, herbs

  2. Helen

    Delicious. I didn’t have any vinegar so I substituted fresh lime juice. Yummo. It’s my first quinoa salad and my unadventurous husband loved it


  3. Aric

    This is a great recipe, very light and healthy…and who doesn’t have mint growing like a weed in the kitchen garden. I improvised by adding some thin slices of Fennel, the white parts, and not too much so not overpower. A little fresh lemon juice. It was so delish already, the olive oil seemed unnecessary. Any color Quinoa would taste the same, but the red with the greens is very colorful! Wonderful recipe and I’ll make it again. Thank you!


  4. Cindy

    This is so delicious! I make a lot of different quinoa recipes, and tested this one out for a derby day progressive dinner with 80 people. The planning committee loved it so we made a giant batch for the dinner on Saturday night. We had wonderful food, including bourbon marinated flank steak, duchess potatoes, and veggies and herb butter. But the one recipe talked about over and over by all of the people was this one!! People raved about it and I’ve shared it with multiple people already. We mixed red and white quinoa and included the avocado (which is never optional to me-love it!). Big hit! I’ll be making it all summer.


  5. Nikki

    Elise, another winning recipe from you! I’m Asian, and *I* didn’t know I could use seasoned rice vinegar on something other than sushi rice, haha! I find myself coming back to you again and again for ideas. I fell in love with cooking in 2008, and your site is still on the top of my bookmark list after all these years.

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