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  1. Krisy

    I love cucumber and mint Raita , though prefer the tang of the Greek yoghurt, i add a little lemon to this recipe to achieve a similar taste

  2. Hannah

    I’m planning a big Indian meal for a bunch of friends, so I’ve been browsing the internet for inspiration. I’ve never tried a recipe from your blog even though they often look and sound so amazing because I hate converting to the decimal system, but I guess with this Raita, it’s not such a big effort, so I’ll finally try one of your recipes :)

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  3. Madhu Babu

    Have seen your site before … lovely work!! Ran into this page while toodling around to see if raita will work on spicy chicken as a sandwich topping…
    Recently made raita with finely shredded raw mango,chopped english cucumber, green chilli….. it was yummy yummy with pulao & biriyani! make sure the yogurt is not too sour.

  4. The food doctor

    This is my first time commenting on your wonderful site though I have been a regular visitor for a while

    My favorite Raita recipe is
    shredded carrots
    finely chopped cucumbers
    dried corriander
    and ofcourse yogurt..
    The longer this sets after preparation the better it tastes because the corriander infuses the yogurt better

  5. Rani

    Teeny suggestion…using just the yogurt raita (without adding any vegetables) but with all the spices and herbs makes a great, albeit thin, spread for tea sandwiches…for sliced tomato or cucumber sandwiches on good, thin bread with the crusts cut off…too bad it’s not tea time for me! If you turn up the heat by throwing all this (sans cucumbers) in a mini-food processor with a couple of green chili peppers, it becomes a great chutney/dip for kebabs, much like the Greek tzatziki. Love your site!

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