No ImageCurried Pork Empanadas

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  1. Mark

    I just made these and really really liked them.

    It was my first time making anything like this because, like most guys, I don’t bake. Ya know what? I bake now! The pastry was really easy to make and it came out perfect. You can cut the recipe in half with no worries and fill them with just about anything.

    One thing I did notice was you need to make sure whatever stuffing you use it is completely dry. Any wet fillings or fatty /oily residue will cause the empanadas to open when cooked because the wet edges will not stick to each other.

    This is my new go to cooking blog.
    Thank you so much !

    Love from Boston


  2. asianfoodophile

    You call them “empanadas” but we call them “Curry Puffs” in South East Asia. They are usually deep fried and not baked. Fillings can be either curried beef, chicken or mutton with diced potatoes.
    RasaMalaysia has got a recipe for this too. I do have some recipes for the curry puffs I got from the web. You may want to try them out.
    They are great.

  3. Mandy

    I made this recipe using ground turkey instead of pork, and it was delicious! I doubled the recipe for a party, made them in the morning, and kept them in the fridge unbaked until dinnertime. Everyone raved! I had an extra tray that didn’t get baked that night, so I baked them a couple days later and they were just as good. Don’t skip out on making this homemade pastry, it was super easy to work with and way better than anything you can buy pre-made!


  4. Teresa Rivera

    I have been craving Empanadas for quite a while now. However, I was thinking more of a Columbian/Venezuelan version, and curry makes me think “Indian”. Do you think the same pastry, but with a South American ground beef filling will do (as far as tasting south american)? Or is this pastry best for this filling? If possible, can you put up a recipe for South American empanadas? The ones with ground beef, eggs, olives and raisins in the filling?

    This is a pretty standard empanada pastry recipe, so it should work with any variety of fillings. ~Elise

  5. Tricia

    I made these last night and they were wonderful! I used pillsbury pie crust dough instead of making it myself and it was nice and flakey. They will be a hit at my upcoming tapas party. Thanks!


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