No ImageCurried Potato and Vegetable Soup

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  1. angela

    Excellent . Full of so much flavor and so many health benefits with all the vegetables.

  2. Natalie

    I discovered this fantastic recipe a while ago and it’s become one of my favorite. I made some changes since I count calories. I don’t use butter at all. Instead sauté in little bit of olive oil. Use twice less potatoes but use a lot of cauliflower and summer squash, really a lot to make soup thicker. Sometimes I use zucchini instead of squash and red pepper- that makes it very colorful and pretty, just to change colors without changing taste:)). I also don’t use mustard seeds and curry, but triple amount of cumin and turmeric. I make it with chicken broth, but also add some chicken bullion powder or paste – it increases the flavor without adding calories. I like my soup puréed with small pieces so to make life simple I just use potato masher and mash everything in the pot. Thank you very much for this amazing recipe!


  3. Arlene

    This looks like another great recipe. Did you know that turmeric has cancer fighting properties?

    Yes, turmeric is so good for you, you can buy it in capsules in health food stores as a supplement. ~Elise

  4. John

    I made this soup last week and it was wonderful! Per the season, instead of summer squash I used delicata. I also threw in about half of a serrano pepper with the garlic, because I enjoy its heat profile with turmeric (apparently the combo is good for your joints, too). Thanks for the wonderful recipe Elise!

  5. A. Conolly

    Nice soup. Adding a half a can or so or coconut milk made it really, really nice. Lovely.

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